Changes to Arrowhead’s Wings Program


Vanessa Laudon, Reporter

On September 17, 2013, Arrowhead started a program for freshmen coming to Arrowhead called Arrowhead Wings. Arrowhead Wings includes get to know you exercises and activities. 


On September 2, 2020, Arrowhead Wings opened to 2019-2020 freshmen. Rick Witte, Arrowhead math teacher and program founder, says “he started this program because he wanted to help freshmen fit in in their first year at Arrowhead.”


He created the Arrowhead Wings Program with other staff and peer mentors. Each year, both help freshmen with their transition to Arrowhead. 


The Arrowhead Wings Program occurs at Arrowhead’s South Campus.


This year, the Arrowhead Wings Program was different since most of the activities were done online, including the pep rally. 


New staff members for Arrowhead Wings included Craig Haase, social studies teacher, and Lauren Harmon, tech-math teacher. Tech-Math is a class that focuses on general and technical work for students that need to learn certain math topics.


Heidi Hamilton, co-teacher of Creative Writing, and a Wings staff member said, “With the current pandemic, we did the majority of the activities virtually. We were unable to have all of the freshmen in the gym during the welcome activity on the first day or during the hypnotist activity on the last day. It didn’t seem to matter to the freshmen. They all seemed happy to just be in school.”  


Hamilton said, “I enjoy the opportunity of meeting all the new freshmen as well as the excitement of starting a new school year.” 


Incoming freshmen sign up for the Arrowhead Wings Program by going on Arrowhead’s website: