Culver’s: Delicious but Dangerous to Your Health?

Heather Boivin

Culver’s is a well known for their creamy custard and butterburgers, often found in Wisconsin. I have been going to this fast food restaurant for several years. I used to work there for two years and now at my new job there is a Culvers right next door. So, overall I eat there a lot.
The food spices up your taste buds. The cheese curds and deluxe butterburgers are delicious. The cheese curds are packed with white or yellow stringy cheese. The deluxe butterburgers are topped with lettuce, tomato, mayo, onion, pickle, and cheese. This combinations of toppings on a buttery burger creates an excellent sandwich. The salty fries are great, but I think they should be thinner like McDonald’s fries. I often crave the McDonald’s fries better because they are smaller, less potato, and I have sometimes choked on Culvers thick fries and never on McDonald’s fries. The salads also in my opinion are bland but the types of salad dressing they offer are french, ranch, raspberry vinaigrette, sesame ginger, 1,000 island, and honey mustard. On top of the salad there is grilled chicken but you can also get a grilled chicken sandwich. I think the grilled chicken taste rubbery and slimy.
Although my taste buds favor the butterburgers and custard, it is unhealthy. Depending on calories, fat, sugar, etc. there are only a couple of healthy options to choose from. Such as salad and grilled chicken which are my least favorites. Also, for a week I was going vegan and the only food I could eat there were fries. In other words, most of the products are made with meat or dairy. Which makes the dairy products creamy.
Working there I know a lot of safety procuations are met to make sure your food is safe to eat. Though, the seats and tables are often found dirty in the dining area.
Overall, I feel engrossed when I eat a deluxe butter-burger, cheese curds, or creamy custard at Culver’s but not the best place for someone who’s eating healthy because the “healthy” food like salad and grilled chicken lack taste.