Six Things You Should Know About…

Alyssa Proell

1.You can’t even begin to slap a label on a person without taking a
step back first. The meaning behind when you assume, “making an ass
out of you and me”, should be taken into consideration before you
define someone. How can you know exactly who someone is, if you don’t
even know what their favorite food is? A person cannot be defined
based on one action, belief, or statement.2.Each person has metaphorical shoes, you are told to put yourself
into growing up. How would that person feel, or think about things you
say or do to them? What would they think of you as a person? The shoes
are big or small and you don’t have any idea of someone’s life but
their own. Therefore, though it can be difficult, the shoes should at
least be tried on, even if they don’t fit quite right.

3.Labels are good in many ways, but they are also really bad. You
should know what you are consuming when you eat, people have
allergies, or preferences that they should follow. But once you start
to define someone, based on one basic thing like the way they dress or
how they talk, problems begin to surface. Someone might dress with all
black and walk around with headphones all the time, but when you get
to know them, they are the happiest person you’ll ever meet. Someone
could have similar interests with you but wrote them off as different
because of the way they look.

4. Everyone is a snowflake, each diverse in their own way. From
sports, to tastes in food, to enjoying every song on an album. No one
will agree or believe the same exact things as the next. And although
it’s hard to accept, you cannot change someone else in any way. We
have to share our perspective first, or after hearing someone else’s
point of view.

5.Politics, religion, and racism, to name a few, are all controversial
topics talked about every day. Is everyone going to have the same
opinion? Absolutely not, but what you can do is listen to your
friend’s rebuttal on why they believe in God, or become friends with
the shy kid in class and learn they’re gifted at drawing. You don’t
know until you try. So the next time you argue with your mom or dad,
put yourself in their place. They only want what’s best for you, and
hope to give you a beautiful life once you leave the nest.

6.Once you learn acceptance, your outlook on people and the world is
different. You can feel yourself grow into a better version of you and
in addition to disregarding what other people think of you, you also
learn to accept others for who they are. Your true friends will show
when you are yourself, and that’s all that will matter. So talk to
someone knew, hang out with them. Learn their interests, who they are.
You only get one chance to live the best life you can, and
understanding other people should become an easy process with these
simple concepts.