6 Ways to Increase Your Style

Graham Stigler

  1. Make sure the Clothes Fit

One of the main ideas of fashion and style is having clothes that accentuate or complement one’s body shape and features. Clothing that is super loose or that is too large is not going to accentuate features that you want to show and also gives off a lazy vibe, that being said slightly boxier and looser fitting clothing is becoming a trend and having some longer shirts or loose fitting tops can help give a cool laid back look. Good looking clothes should have an athletic fit throughout and be able to accentuate muscles or features without being skintight. Going too tight with clothing can also look unflattering, especially for skinny guys. Wearing super tight pants or shirts will just accentuate the slimness of one’s figure and will make it look like you have chicken legs.


  1. Layer

The human brain is  extremely complex and, therefore, it recognizes and appreciates other complex things. Adding layers is an easy way to increase the complexity of an outfit. Adding a sweater or over shirt over a plain t-shirt can make an outfit pop and something as simple as a turtleneck peeking up under a leather or denim jacket can dress up a casual outfit with chinos or jeans. Making sure the layers work with each other in color and in style can make an outfit look even more complex and appealing and it really allows you to be creative and thoughtful about outfits.


  1. Color Block

Color blocking is a term that refers to thoughtfully and intentionally using colors that work together in an outfit. The colors and tones of everything from socks to a belt can make or break an outfit. There are tons of color schemes and pairs of colors that work well but using complementary or analogous colors will always result in looks that are pleasing to the eye. Colors like brown, dark green and other earth tones tend to work together and look sharp, especially during the fall season. Neutral colors like white, black, or gray work with pretty much anything and I would suggest using them if you are ever unsure what to wear or how to match the last piece of clothing with an outfit. When all else fails using a simple color wheel or looking up colors that match online.


  1. Be smart about flashy clothes

I would be lying if I said that I don’t like flashy clothes, but a mistake I see a lot is overdoing with flashy or attention getting clothes on a single outfit. Super colorful tops or bottoms matched with other pieces of colorful or patterned clothing tends to just look messy and gives off the impression that you just threw an outfit together without any thought. If you have a really eye catching pair of shoes it might be tempting to try and match another equally as flashy piece of clothing. I instead suggest to wear a toned down or even monochrome outfit for the rest and let your flashy shoes do the talking, this makes it look much more intentional and it makes your eye catching article of clothing pop even more.


  1. Know what to avoid

While things like Birkenstocks, graphic tees, big logos, and sport shorts seem to be everywhere that does not mean you should wear them. Being the 1,000th kid to wear white tube socks with sport shorts just because the other 999 kids don’t have a fashion sense should not be the reason to rock them. Big logos and trying to flex won’t get you far in life and paying $500 for a sweatshirt because it has Supreme on it seems childish to everybody but other high schoolers that want to be cool.

If you can justify spending $500 dollars on one article of clothing  I would suggest buying a premium leather jacket or boots that will last a lifetime and be much higher quality than Supreme hoodie.If you have a larger budget and you also want to flex with designer/hype brands, shoes are a great place to do this. Things like Yeezys, Off-White, or Jordans all can spice up an outfit, and they allow you to show your sneakerhead prowess.


  1. Don’t be afraid to Experiment

Sometimes it is hard to get out of your comfort zone and do something you are not used to, but if you want to increase your style and be known as some that has a fashion sense, I urge you to experiment and play around. It might be something as little as starting to wear a watch or it could be wearing chinos or jeans instead of sweatpants. I would suggest trying to rock the Mankle during the summer or spring months, buy a pair of no show socks and some low top sneakers and let those ankles free. It is a staple in today’s summer styles, and it has been increasing in popularity over the last couple years. Another way to experiment is to break the rules a little bit by wearing a flashy outfit or by color blocking in an unusual manner.