6 Things to Know About Having Little Sisters

Anna Nickel

  1. ALWAYS hide your makeup, shampoo, face masks, especially clothes or anything they would want to steal from you. Sometimes now matter what you do you’ll find a glob of moisturizer gone or a shampoo bottle completely empty. It doesn’t matter to them if you paid $50 of your own for that eye shadow pallet, they’ll use it for their own purposes. The worst is when they sneak into your room to steal clothes or makeup. You could have sworn you left your mascara on your desk, but now it’s magically laying on the bathroom counter. That’s why it’s critical you lock your door and hide all of your other things you don’t want stolen in multiple clever hiding places. Of course you would do the same thing to them, but it’s okay because your older, right?

  2. EXPECT them to copy almost everything you do, whether it’s buying similar clothes or wearing their hair the exact same way. You and your entire family are going out to dinner and you are the first sibling ready. You go downstairs and exit your room, and walk past your little sister. You’re wearing plain jeans and a white shirt, with your hair in a braid. Next thing you know, 20 minutes later, your sister comes down wearing plain jeans, a white t-shirt, and their hair in a braid. An exact copy of your outfit. No matter how many times you yell at them, you can’t stop them from doing it over and over.

  3. They will always try to hang out with you and your friends. No matter how many times you ask them to leave you alone, they’ll always come back with some kind of excuse. Whether it be a “I forgot my phone in your room!” when they really didn’t, or the classic “Mom said I could hangout with you guys!!”.

  4. They will always choose to do things, not because they want to, but just to annoy you. They might not want to go to the mall at all, but you said that you didn’t want them to, so they come along of course. Another example would be you asking them to turn down their music on their phone, they turn it down one notch, not because they couldn’t hear it if it was lower, but just to bother you.

  5. They might be annoying, but you have the best memories with them, so make sure to spend time with them. Even though it sounds a little cliche, you will miss them someday. You spend a lot more time with them then you think and have countless inside jokes and fun times together. Make sure you spend time with them, when your feeling like it, to make a good relationship with them. There’s no one else who will have that kind of relationship with you ever.

  6. They will always have your back when hiding things from parents, until they have the opportunity to hold it against you. Of course they saw you accidentally break the overhead light, but you convinced them not to tell your parents so it remains a mystery to who did it. But the second your sister catches you stealing her mascara, she holds that broken light against you. You can often make a deal by paying her five dollars not to tell on you. It usually works out and you both have an understanding on how this process works. No matter what, in the end you’ll always be there for each other in the end and protect each other.