6 Things You Should Know About Having An Older Brother

Sadie Melzer

  1. It is perfectly normal to be walking in the school hallways  and for him to walk past you like you’re wearing a mask at a masquerade ball.  Don’t think it’s out of the ordinary if he ignores you in public on the daily.

  2. You can easily team up with him to convince your parents to let you do something like get a puppy (which were still working on) or stay home alone while they go up north for a long, relaxing weekend.

  3. You will never find him scouring your room top to bottom stealing your clothes.  Your new pair of jeans, lululemon apparel, precious jewelry, and cute swimsuits are safe and sound.  But don’t worry, it’s totally okay for you to borrow stuff from his room. Just always make sure to put it back where you found it, and it’ll be like nothing happened.

  4. He will unknowingly teach you how to keep your emotions in check and stay strong in nightmare situations.   Seeing how he reacted to my grandpa having a heart attack and almost dying has made me an overall tough person.  In terrible times, it has allowed me to gain insight on the way I should act and handle certain circumstances.

  5.  You never have to worry about going to family gatherings alone.  You get to face your crazy second cousins who bounce off the walls and great great aunt that smothers you with excessive questions together; both of whom you see once a year.  Thank Goodness.

  6. He will come to you for advice on girls because sometimes boys are clueless.  You and your mom won’t have a problem showing him what qualities to look for in a girl and which ones to not.  He might not always take your advice but at least you know you tried.