Seniors Plan Senior Skip Day

Raegan Mann, Reporter

Seniors at Arrowhead High School plan to skip school in the next coming weeks. This has been a tradition at Arrowhead for years, and at many other high school across the nation.

Students who choose to skip will not be excused unless they are gone for an appointment and bring back a note. Seniors still have to be called in by a parent or it will count as unexcused and may result in a detention.

There is no date on the school calendar for senior skip day because it is run by senior students. Arrowhead High School encourages all senior students come to school.

According to Cecelia Phillips, senior skip day is set to be on the Friday before Memorial weekend, which is Friday, May 24th.  Leaving a three day weekend for juniors, and a four day weekend for seniors. In part of not only having a four day weekend, it is also convenient to have senior skip day on the 24th because AP testing will be finished.

“I will be participating in senior skip day. I actually plan to be sick that day actually, so I won’t even be able to come into school. It really works out because every year my family and I go up north for Memorial Day weekend, so if I’m sick on that Friday, then we can spend even more time up north,” says senior, Cecelia Phillips.

“I will probably hang out with the boys, maybe go out on the lake, definitely be doing some surfin’, and then at night, I’ll just go where the night takes me,” says senior Jake Kellerman.

“Maybe I’ll skip. I don’t know though. I’ve already missed so many days of school that I should really try to keep going. It sounds like a lot of fun though,” says senior Michael Smith.