2019’s Most Powerful, Touching Movie Yet

Abigail Heinitz, Review

Unplanned is a powerful, touching movie based on the real-life experience of a young woman involved with Planned Parenthood and their abortion clinics. Beginning with the main character’s commitment to the Pro-Choice community, she transitions throughout the story completely changing her beliefs.

As a Christian woman and pro-life supporter, it was truly captivating to see the world through the main character Abby’s perspective who believed she was doing God’s work by helping lower the rates of abortion, but really she was increasing them. Not only does it show insight towards the negative aspects of pregnancy termination, but also the positives which many women I’m sure are appreciative of. The pro-life community had a triumph with the emotions this movie stirs within us.

This movie shows the gore of abortion and demonstrates the horror behind the scenes of a clinic. We see the secrets Planned Parenthood keeps from us due to their greed. Although I’m sure the directors added parts of the story to create a more interesting and dramatic plot, the basis of many scenes is that Planned Parenthood’s main goal is to increase the pile of money they’re sitting on; accomplished by performing thousands of abortions.

Unplanned should be a movie all women and their lovers watch before deciding whether to have an abortion or not. I highly recommend seeing this movie whatever you believe. A pro-choice woman should see this movie to widen her understanding of the gruesome truth behind abortion. A pro-life woman should acknowledge the movie’s endeavors drawing attention towards this conflict. A man should see the movie to understand the struggle of a pregnant woman before suggesting abortion. Overall I highly recommend Unplanned, I can honestly say it was one of the best movies I’ve seen.