Students Return From Spring Break

Raegan Mann, Reporter

Arrowhead students came back from spring break to school on Monday, April 1st.

“My spring break was so much fun. I went to Mexico for a week. It was really warm and lots of fun. I played beach volleyball almost everyday and also saw lots of exotic animals at our resort. I wish I could go back,” says senior Abby Fritz.

Throughout the nine days of break, temperatures ranged from 30 to 60℉.

“My family and I went to California and it was a lot of fun. We went to L.A. and San Diego. L.A. traffic is not a joke. It’s so bad. California was a blast. It was really warm and I had fun laying out on the beach. California is so much fun,” says senior Adam Esslinger.

“Spring break was so much fun especially because my friends and I are seniors and it was our last one together before we all go to different colleges. We took a long road trips with lots of stops along the way. We stopped in Chicago, St. Louis, and random touristy spots in each state down to Florida. Even though the the drive was really long, I still had a lot of fun,” says senior Kobe Chang.

Arrowhead High School’s feeder schools also had the same break as the Arrowhead students, starting March 22nd and going to April 1st.

Arrowhead High School’s spring break was not tied to Easter, as Easter this year is April 22nd. Students now have a shorter break for Easter than originally planed, due to making up canceled days. Students originally had Monday April 22nd off, but now have school on that day.

“Seniors are planning on having senior skip day on that Monday,”  according to senior Jake Kellerman.

“I didn’t take a vacation anywhere. I stayed home but it was a lot of fun still. I mostly just hung out with friends and watched Netflix. It was a really relaxing break and I’m happy with the way I spent it. I started watching The Office for the second time in a row. I love that show. I also started playing this game called Sekiro: Shadows Die Twice. It’s really addicting and lots of fun,” says senior Joe McWilliams.  

“I loved break. I’m just slightly sad that it’s over. I wish it was longer. Outside was so nice the whole time it was amazing. It gave me a little taste of summer which made my senioritis kick in hard,” says senior Michael Mikoda.