Students Prepare for Prom, Midnight in Paris

Raegan Mann, Reporter

Arrowhead students are getting ready for prom at the Ingleside Hotel, which will be held on Saturday, April 27th from 6:15-11:30PM. The theme is Midnight in Paris.

“I remember my brother made a gummy bear poster and spelled everything out using gummy bears and asked his girlfriend out that was last year because that’s what he favorite candy was. The year before that, he did it with Sour Patch Kids,” says senior Abby Fritz.

“I tried not to do anything too cliche [for my promposal], but it might have been. I went into her house and with her parents’ permission I went into her bedroom and put a bunch of balloons everywhere and had a huge sign that I made and I waited for her to get back from her friend’s house. When she came in, she was like super excited. It was cool because she said yes,” says sophomore Ross Fritz.

“I went over to my boyfriend’s house and he told me I couldn’t go into his living room yet, and he went in and then said that I could come in and he was standing there with flowers and candy. He made a sign and it was really sweet. I said yes of course,” says senior Clara Jenkins.

On March 31st through April 5th, prom tickets will cost $70. On April 6th through April 12th, they will be $80. A convenience fee of $2.50 per ticket will also be added. More information at AHS Student Senate. Students can buy tickets through this website.  

The online ticket store closes on Friday, April 12 at 12:00PM. No tickets will be sold after this time.

Tables for prom seat groups of 10.  Students may not hold spots for people who have not purchased tickets yet.

Food selection will be grilled chicken with mushroom sauce, baked salmon, or vegetarian tortellini.

At 6:15pm doors open, at 7:00pm dinner will be served, at 8:30pm is when the dance will start, and at 11:30pm is when the dance will end.

There will be no court at this year’s Arrowhead prom, and no refunds will be given for prom tickets.

“I’m very excited for prom. It will be my second one. It was so much fun last year and I am looking forward to it very much,” says Fritz.

“I’m indifferent about prom. My girlfriend really wants to go so I’m going with her to make her happy,” says senior Michael Mikoda.