Arrowhead Updates Schedule for Spring Final Exams

Nora Voght, Reporter

Gregg Wieczorek, principal of AHS, said in an email to staff, “As you know we needed to extend those days to meet the DPI required number of minutes for students. This schedule is a modified version of what we normally do for exams: hours 1, 2, 3, & 3-4A will take place on Monday, hours 3-4B, 4, 5, 6, 7, & 7-8A will be on Tuesday, and hours 7-8B, 8, 9, &10 will occur on Wednesday. Class/exam periods will be two hours and two minutes long.”

Teachers are allowed to use this time with their own discretion; however, students must stay in the classroom.

Kyle Staus, a freshman at AHS, says, “I am happy that the time is going to be made up because it will give me more time to learn and maybe even get some better grades, too. On the downfall, it will cause more time and classroom learning and I don’t always like doing that. I do think that this may negatively affect my focus and concentration because I will have to be focusing on other studies and classroom work other than studying and preparing for my final exams.”

Students are allowed to leave campus if they have a study hall. AP students are not required to show-up (unless otherwise instructed by a teacher). In addition, students are allowed to leave for lunch and must be back prior to the bell ringing for their next exam.

Staus says, “Many people have said that online digital time at home could have been an alternative, but I feel that that idea would have not been the most effective and efficient than actually going into school because it might have not be taken seriously or not done it at all. We sure did get a lot of snow and missed a lot of school and totally took a toll on school this year. I hope that this all gets figured out peacefully, manageably and in a way where everyone acts cooperatively.”