Arrowhead Lacrosse Team gets ready for the season

Jake Kellerman

The Arrowhead Varsity Lacrosse team’s season kicked off this week with their first practice starting on Monday, March 11th, from 6:45 to 9:30 pm. There are 24 players from all grades that made the team.

Their first scrimmage was on Saturday, March 16th, at Arrowhead with a game starting at one o’clock and another following at three o’clock in the afternoon. During both games nobody kept score, but Arrowhead scored more goals and “blew out” both teams according to Junior midfielder Freddy Boelter.    

Last year, the Lacrosse team had their season come to an end in the State semifinals game against Waunakee by a score of 13-6.

“They just came out last year and killed us in that game. They were hitting like every shot and we just could not keep up with them,” says senior midfield defensemen Caden Bence.

“Those guys had some of the most insane shots I have ever seen. They got the lead on us and held it the whole time. The thing I remember the most from that game is how tired I was from trying to stop them and score for us,” says senior attack Connor Koppelman.

The team hopes to be successful but aren’t too sure how the season will turn out. They remain hopeful their team chemistry can help with their performance this season.

“As every team going into a new season, we are hoping that we can obtain success. I personally believe that there is not going to be much drama and we all want this to be a successful and fun season,” says Koppelman.

“I think that this team will build a lot of friendships and memories and personally I think that is what is really worth it, and with that bond, we create throughout the season I think it will only make us stronger on the field,” says Bence.  

When it comes to the word successful, Koppelman has a few thoughts.

“I think for it to be a successful season everyone should have fun. I also think that it to be successful we need to win games and throughout the season progressively as a team get better,” says Koppelman.  

The Classic 8 conference, of which the Warhawks play in, contains 18 teams total. The team to beat is Kettle Moraine High School who placed second in the state last year losing to Verona High School in the state championship.

“Yeah KM [Kettle Moraine] is always nuts at Lacrosse. Their players are just so dedicated to the game and know how to make some insane plays. I really hope we can beat them this year because we have established a rivalry against them,” says Bence.

“Last year when we played against Kettle Moraine they had to have had 10 shots that our goalie could not even stop, they were hitting every spot top right corner, top left corner, they even hit a couple of bar down shots which to watch our defense let up was just like a kick to the crotch,” says Koppelman.

The first game of the regular season is on Thursday, March 21st at 7:30pm. Arrowhead plays Catholic Memorial High School at Catholic Memorial High School.