Students Can Sign Up for Summer School 2019 Until June 7

Nora Voght, Reporter

From geometry to gym, students have many options of classes to take throughout the year; however, students don’t always have enough room to take the courses they want, or enough time to earn the credits needed. Summer school helps students who have failed a class or would like to retake the class. There are also enrichment courses offered.

Students can sign up in Skyward through the arena scheduling until June 7 of this year for summer school. Summer school runs from June 17 to July 25, 2019.

Summer school courses are either meant for remedial or enrichment; the opportunity for students to fix mistakes or experience coursework to get it out of the way.

Thomas Stuber, a guidance counselor at AHS, says, “[We want to] do whatever the students want. If the students want more courses, then they should be added. One problem we have as the administration is that it costs money to run summer school courses. [We] want to provide opportunity, but opportunities that students want.”

Rachel Smith, a sophomore at AHS, says “I’m taking the Broadway Company week class. I think summer school is helpful and important for people who have failed classes or want to work ahead and take more classes.”

Taking summer school classes helps students keep an open schedule. Summer school also helps improve GPA. An important note: when a student repeats a class, the higher of the two grades is put on the transcript.

Stuber says, “I encourage students to be smart and strategic about the courses they are choosing no matter how old you are, freshman, sophomore, or a junior. It is important to understand how summer school can be an option to help you throughout your four years at AHS.”

Morgan Reed, a sophomore at AHS, says, “As a whole, I think more elective classes should be offered during summer because it will help students earn their extra credits easier. This way, those who don’t have enough room in their schedule to fit extra classes to earn those extra credits won’t worry to much about meeting the required 50 credits to graduate.”

There are two types of courses offered: face-to face and online. You can find a full list of the courses in the 2019-2020 Course Guide.

Since there are six weeks of summer school, a lot is covered in one day; because of this, students are only allowed to miss one day.

Stuber says, “[Summer school is a] good option for students who want to take advantage of it.”