AHS Broadway Company Hosts Musical Theater Nights

Nora Voght, Reporter

Musical Theater Nights are held over a series of three nights (March 15, 16, and 17th at 7:00 pm) featuring different musicals. This year there is a total of 22 Musical Theater Nights productions; and each musical showcased is different from the last.

Tickets are available at https://www.greateventseats.com/events.php?lID=174 and at the North Campus front desk. People can purchase tickets at the door; however, they usually sell out quickly. Tickets are $16.00.

Brady Jager, a senior at AHS and the Student Director, says, “They are all very different…One second you could be on stage as a serious Shakespearean actor and play a big-chested crossdresser in the next.”

This year, there are numbers from Hairspray, Hamilton, Chicago, Mamma Mia and Shrek The Musical.

Serena Broeniman, a junior at AHS and a member of AHS Broadway, says, “I think that MTN is a great way to see your peer express themselves.”

Rachel Smith, a sophomore and a member of AHS Broadway, says, “it’s a really fun experience because it combines a bunch of really fun numbers that we all want to perform and we get to perform them with our friends and it’s overall just a really fun experience.”

There is also an emcee who will be introducing each of the numbers that we are performing.

In between two acts, there is a 15 minutes intermission that has snacks and also a little raffle that people can enter to win prizes, courtesy of Broadway Company.

Nikolai Peterson, a sophomore and a member of AHS Broadway, says “It is amazing to see how people react to what we do. After our Beauty and The Beast show, several of my teachers were crying and just seeing how happy it makes people is amazing.”

Broeniman says, “We, the actors, are so proud to be doing what we are doing and we want everyone to come so we can just share the experience with them because we have worked so hard and it will be a magical time for the actors and for the audience.”

Peterson says, “Watching people enjoy them is the best feeling. Watching the show progress from our beginning stages where it takes us a while to figure out what to do, to watching us practice in the mirror and thinking that looks amazing.”