Arrowhead Girls Varsity Basketball Program Recognize Seniors

Jake Kellerman, Reporter

On Saturday, January 26th, 2019 the Girls Arrowhead High school basketball team commemorated their senior players and managers at South Campus during the three o’clock game against Germantown. The girls won, 51-30. Lauren With led the way with 18 points.

Prior to the Germantown game, the girl’s team had won their last three games. 43 to 54 verses Waukesha North, 25-57 verses Muskego, and 62-32 versus Kettle Moraine.

Senior captain Lauren With said she felt good about how the team played over the last three games.

“We played really well as a team, our passing has been a lot better than in recent games, and on the defensive end of our game we have worked on the trap defense scheme and it is working and has paid off,” says With.

Senior captain Bailey Deininger said the team’s defense has improved.

“Defense-wise we have really grown as a team. We have grown a lot together as one and we haven’t missed our defensive assignments which have helped a lot with causing turnovers and preventing the other team from scoring. I also feel like we have had better communication which helps grow as a team,” says Deininger.

Both of the senior captains feel say they are getting better overall as a team. They said they feel they play as a team and do not focus on one certain person’s success.

“We are more of a team-oriented type of style for playing. We never focus on one person’s game or style of play. We just work as a team and get the job done,” says With.

Senior night gave an opportunity for fans and players families to celebrate and commemorate a successful four years of hard work and dedication to the program.

“It’s going to be really fun and exciting especially playing at the south campus because it is a fun environment which I am thrilled to play in,” says With.

“Special things have happened when we play at south campus and I am just thrilled that we are able to play there one last time. I am also very eager to see what we can do as a team against Germantown,” says Deininger.

The team decided to play the game at South Campus because they wanted to be in a louder and more intense atmosphere to motivate the team and crowd.

The Warhawks feel that they were prepared for the game and they can beat any team that stands in their way.

“We are prepared as a team thanks to our hard work in practice and focus all week. Germantown is a very talented team and has a great program but if we stay calm and collective we will play our game and have a very good shot at winning this game, I don’t think that we as a team have anything to be worried about,” says With.

Rick Witte, the Girls Varsity Basketball head coach and Arrowhead math teacher said,“I can’t wait to see all my functions class students down at south campus filling the gym.” He said n if enough of his math students attended the basketball game he would award them with a partner test.

The Warhawks season still consists of six games after Saturday. The two team captains says they are very eager to see how far they get in the playoffs and are hopeful of a deep run in the postseason.

“I am excited for the rest of the season just to see how we can improve and excited to play against Mukwonago,” says With.

“Our goal as a team is to stay together as long as possible and ride that as far as we can into the tournament,” says Deininger.

The girls then played on Tuesday against Oconomowoc and won 72-38.

They will now play Waukesha West on Friday, February 1, 7pm, at Arrowhead.