Mid-Season, Hockey Team Struggles Offensively

Meleana Strecher, Reporter

The Arrowhead Boys Varsity Hockey team has a record of 5-5-4. This means they have five wins, five losses, and four ties. The most recent game they played was on January 8th at the Brookfield Ponds, against Brookfield. They won game 3-0, making their new record 6-5-4.

The varsity hockey team has all different grade levels on the team. This year, there are five freshmen, five sophomores, six juniors, and five seniors.

Senior and varsity hockey player Justin Cox says, “We got a lot of young guys this year. They’re pretty good and are a really good addition to the team. It’ll be helpful for the future that they have experience playing varsity.”

The hockey team went to state in 2017 where they made it to the semifinals but lost. The past two years the team lost 7 seniors and gained underclassmen who now play for varsity.

This year the team started out with two ties and a win in The Admirals Cup, a tournament where the two teams who make it to the championship get to play in the Admirals Arena.

The team has had four ties overall, three were in tournaments and one has a regular season game. In tournaments, the games go into a tiebreaker, either a shootout or overtime. In the first tournament, the first tie the team went into eight shootouts.

Senior and hockey captain Connor Kruk says, “It’s disappointing ending with a tie. We [have to] play harder.”

Kruk is the captain named by the coach. He has been on varsity since his sophomore year. He is a starter and plays defense.

Kyle O’Connor is the other captain, who the team voted for, and he plays forward.

Cox says, “Connor is a really great captain. He always motivates us during practice and the games. He keeps the energy up even if we are down, and is very responsible.”

The hockey team had their first win since December 20th on January 8th.

Cox says, “The issue that we’re having with scoring is that we aren’t shooting as much as we should be. We gotta shoot more.”

The next game they play is January 12th at Arrowhead Mullet Ice Center against Appleton. The game is at 7:00.

Senior Emma Hoffman says, “I love going to hockey games. I go to as many as I can.”