Arrowhead Says Goodbye to One Study Hall Teacher, Welcomes Another


Pfeiffer watching senior study hall

Maddy Michelini, Reporter

The Arrowhead study hall teacher at North Campus, Cathy Sirianni, left Wednesday, December 5th, in order to pursue other career opportunities, according to Jen Pfeiffer, Arrowhead’s new study hall teacher.

Many students and faculty members say they are sad to see Sirianni go, but are still excited to welcome the new study hall teacher.

Pfeiffer was a stay at home mom for eight years and started working again in September at South Campus.

She has two kids in one of the Arrowhead feeder schools.

“I wanted to work at Arrowhead because I would have the same days off as my kids and it is in the district,” says Pfeiffer.

Pfeiffer says, “I started working at South Campus in December and I moved to North [Campus] this November.”

According to Pheiffer, she supervised study hall and lunch at both campuses.

“Both campuses a great, but very different. It’s been hard getting to know all the faces and putting names to them, especially because I got moved around in the middle of the year. But everyone has been great and I love working in the Arrowhead school district,” says Pfeiffer.

Pfeiffer says, “Senior study hall can be pretty chaotic but all these kids are great and it’s a fun time.”

Barrin Griffin, an Arrowhead senior, says, “I like the new study hall teacher. She doesn’t take kids messing around but she’s pretty nice and fun to talk to.”

Jackson Ashby, an Arrowhead senior, says, “I was worried that the new teacher wouldn’t be as fun as Mrs. Sirianni and wouldn’t be as relaxed with senior study hall, but she’s actually pretty nice and she fits in well.”

Elijah Devries, an Arrowhead senior, says, “It’s sad because [Sirianni] was a part of Arrowhead. She was always open to talk and she was constantly making everyone laugh.”

Ashby says, “[Sirianni] will definitely be missed and we hope she comes back and visits.”

Camryn Coles, an Arrowhead senior said, “[Sirianni] had a contagious smile that lit up the room. We will all miss it.”

Deputy Pete Freyer, Arrowhead’s resource officer, said, “There will be much less comic relief in senior study hall without [Sirianni].”

Ashby says, “Senior study hall can get pretty wild and kids can be loud. We need a teacher who is ok with us doing our own thing and who can keep us in control.  I was sceptical that the new teacher would fit in as well as Mrs. Sirianni did but Mrs. Pfeiffer handles us all really well and she is fun to talk to.”