Health Occupations Hosting Health Information Fair on 12/18

Nora Voght, Reporter

From December 14th until December 19th, Health Occupation students will be hosting a Health Information Fair. The fair will be held in the front foyer of each campus.

On December 14th, at North Campus, the fair will be held from 7:30am-10:12am. On December 17th, at South Campus, the fair will be held from 11:34am-12:58pm. On December 18th, at South Campus, the fair will be held from 7:30am-8:54am. The final day, on December 19th at South Campus, the fair will be held from 8:48am-10:12am.

Brenda King, Career and Technical Education Program Leader, Health Science and Family Consumer Lead Teacher, and Health Youth Apprenticeship Coordinator, says, “Students invite friends from study hall, teachers, and their family members to come and listen the presentations. An email was sent out to staff regarding the event. Classes are welcome to come and listen as well.”

During the fair, guests will go to a student’s presentation for ten minutes to listen and ask questions. There will be two groups of students presenting at two different times.

King says, “Students have the challenge to select a current topic and to share insight as to how that topic impacts the quality of life or our healthcare systems. Students will demonstrate efficient public speaking skills, a skill used in many professions.”

Brianna Splaine, a sophomore student at AHS who is currently in Health Occupations and doing her presentation on Medical Myths, says “[my goals are] to complete a presentation and speech on a healthcare topic worth interest. The goal is to inform the staff, parents, and peers who are going to be joining this fair on December 18th.”

King says, “My hope is that our students will experience success by pursuing something they are passionate about, and that one day, they too may want to give back or help inspire others. My hope is that our students will feel confident in shaping and presenting information to others.”

Students have been working on presentations since November 30 and have until the day before to finalize their presentation.

King says, “The students have really worked on hard and been very thoughtful through the process of this assignment.”

This event isn’t only for students to practice speaking and research, but also for guests to learn more about current and important medical topics.

Splaine says, “This event will help people gain knowledge about healthcare topics that they may have not known a lot about.”

King says, “The hope for our guests who come and listen is that they will gain valuable insight of topics related to health. Each presentation should share something new to consider.”