Student Senate Hosts Annual Events, Including Upcoming Blood Drive

Meleana Strecher, Reporter

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On Friday, December 14th, Arrowhead’s Student Senate is hosting a blood drive. Student Senate is a club ran by Tamara Varsos, who teaches AP Government at Arrowhead.

Student Senate is Arrowhead’s student government. Student Senate hosts dances like prom and homecoming, and different events for charity throughout the year. During this academic year, they have done two food drives.

From December 17th through December 21st, Student Senate is hosting a Penny War between juniors and seniors. The money is going to G9, a charity for childhood cancer. In past years, they have done two blood drives per school year, one in winter and one in spring.

Arrowhead senior and Student Senate member, Natalie Purko says, “The activities that we host typically take place during holiday seasons. Since there are a lot of people who are less fortunate we like to give back, especially during Thanksgiving and Christmas.”

Varsos says, “Blood centers always need blood. Especially during the holidays.”

To join Student Senate, there is an application that students fill out.  Students have to answer three questions: “Why do you want to be a Student Senate member?” “What do you want to accomplish as a Student Senator?” “What makes you qualified to be a Student Senator?” Along with answer questions, students have to get 30 student signatures and five teacher signatures. The deadline to join for this year has passed.

The blood drive is on Friday the 14th from 8:30 am to 1:30 pm in the West gym. Students can sign up to donate during lunch or can go to the Student Senate website and make an appointment. Students can go during any class that is easy for them.

Purko says, “I sat at the table one day at lunch. We’re hoping to have a good turnout this year.”

Arrowhead Student Senate is pairing up with Blood Centers of Wisconsin to put on this event. Students could sign up through December 13th, however, walk-ins the day of the event are welcome. Donors must be at least 16 years old and 110 pounds.

Arrowhead senior Joe Biewer says, “I gave blood sophomore year, and I felt horrible after. It’s probably because I didn’t eat any breakfast. I had a morning workout for football that Friday so I didn’t have time to eat.”

Students can sign up for a time and they are given a pass the next day to get out of class. In past years, Student Senate has put reminders on lockers of students who are participating.

Senior and Student Senate member Audrey Koller says, “The average donation has the potential to save three lives. It is a great way to help those in need, especially if you’re a healthy person.”

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