In Review: Avengers: Infinity War

Genevieve Wieland, Reporter

Marvel’s Avengers: Infinity War was undoubtedly Marvel’s biggest movie to date.  Making over $2 billion dollars at the box office and even more once release on DVD, Hulu, Amazon, Netflix, and other movie viewing platforms.  It took the characters officially in the MCU(Marvel Cinematic Universe), from the original six Avengers to the newest heroes, Spider-man and Black Panther, and combined them into one giant movie, pinning them against the main villain of the MCU, Thanos.

Thanos has been wreaking havoc In the MCU since the first  Avengers movie.  He was the mastermind behind the attack on New York and infinity stone incident of Guardians of the Galaxy.  Commanding an army form the shadows while killing entire planets.  Thanos only ever had one goal: to bring balance to the universe by whipping half of it out.   And even though this is a terrible goal to have, Marvel made him the protagonist.

Avengers: Infinity War starts with Thanos executing all of the surviving Asgardians and collecting the space stone, his second infinity stone.  You continue to follow him throughout the while he continues to collect the infinity stones and even though some of his struggles.

Even the soundtrack is based around him.  from the triumphant music playing as he beats the hulk to the score pulsing with punches and energy surges in the fight on Titan, the music follows his emotions.  He is the character that this movie follows.

Avengers: Infinity War does an amazing job of making Thanos seem more human.  Marvel doesn’t let you think of him as the alien supervillain that you want to see him as.  They show you his past and his supposed “love” for Gamora.   He sees himself as the hero.

He truly believes that this is the best and only way to help balance the universe.  And he even follows the cliche of the protagonist almost losing.  Toward the end of the movie, Thor flies up and smashed an axe into his chest.  As he drives it further into his chest the music drops to sad and slow, making a booming crescendo as Thanos snaps his fingers and effectively winning the fight and achieving his goal.

Marvel does an amazing job of making you feel for Thanos and even goes as far as to break the movie off into a second part.  While this frustrates me and many other viewers because of the cliffhanger, as an author/story writer I have to give them credit.  They created an absolute masterpiece and managed to hook their entire audience for another movie.