In Review: Hereditary

Anne Gardner, Reporter

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Hereditary by A24 films has people in shock from their unique filming and disturbing story, causing heated debates on whether the movie was something to rave about or too gross to talk about. With a certified fresh score of 89% from the highest rating movie website, Rotten Tomatoes, it sure doesn’t disappoint.

Hereditary follows the story of a distraught family who recently lost their estranged mother/grandmother. As the movie progresses, the family slips away from reality as the shocking hidden life of their grandmother unravels and causes the family to turn against the ones they love most. From seances, depictions of Schizophrenia, self beheading, and demon possessions, the movie combines horror with urban legends to create a movie that will go down in history as one of the creepiest films ever made.

In my opinion, Hereditary offers a new direction of horror movie in which jump scares are replaced with excellent screening and creepy dialogue to keep viewers at the edge of their seats for the entirety of the movie. The high-intensity last minutes of the film will have anyone clutching the arms of the nearest person around them.

My opinion is different from other critics in the sense that I search for horror that don’t necessarily contain the famous “Halloween” jump scares, but haunt psychologically with imagery and story plots that make many reconsider their own sanity.Hereditary’s storyline and filming techniques are identical to The VVitch, which came out two years prior. Some viewers might say the movie was too similar to The VVitch, questioning A24’s ability to create unique and innovative films that do not repeat the same storylines and scares of other horror movies.. Seeing that The VVitch earned 91% on Rotten Tomatoes and awards for screenplay, there’s no doubt as to why A24 continued relatively same plots and storylines in Hereditary.

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