New Courses Offered Next Year at AHS

Nora Voght, Reporter

During the 2018-2019 academic school year, new courses will be offered to students at Arrowhead High School. These courses include Business and Marketing, for freshmen and sophomores; Warhawk Manufacturing, for freshmen and sophomores; and The Leader’s Mindset (pending school board approval in December), for sophomores, juniors, and seniors.

Stephanie Hopkins, a South Campus guidance counselor says, “Changes to the course guide and courses, in general, are made in a collaborative effort. We have department heads that work with each department along with the counseling team and many others to make sure we are providing our students with the best possible opportunities.”

Sue Casseta, the Director of Learning, wrote in the November of 2018 the Arrowhead Advisor the following: “Introduction to Business is an exploratory business course designed to expose students to the activities associated with a business. Overall, the course gives students a broad exposure to business operations and a foundation for the additional business courses offered in the Business Department.”

For more information on each of these courses check out the Arrowhead Advisor. You can find the Arrowhead Advisor on the Arrowhead Website.

Jenna Erickson, a sophomore student at AHS, says “I think the new courses that are being offered next year are a good experience for many students that are looking to try something new. I think it’s important to offer different courses because it gives the students many choices to choose from and they will be able to pick something that interests them.”