The Annual Food Drive is Coming to an End Soon

Morgan Konopka, Reporter

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Student Senate and Interact are clubs at Arrowhead High School putting together the Annual Food Drive. The Food Drive began October 31st and is ending November 14th.

The Food Drives specific needs in order to feed the homeless are canned pasta, Hamburger Helper, and canned fruit. The food being raised are donated to the Hartland and Northlake Food Pantries.

To encourage the students to donate, the Food Drive has been turned into a competition. The top three classes who raise the most cans/boxes of food to their third period class, will be rewarded with Krispy Kreme donuts.

Ellie Artone, a senior at Arrowhead High School, said, “I think it is an awesome idea for the school to reward the kids while we get to reward the people who don’t have enough food for their families. I feel really good donating, and I will continue to go out of my way to help in any way I can.” The Food Drive is an opportunity for students to be involved and to do something for others.

Student Senate and Interact put together a presentation showing statistics of the homeless, and of how many people need food. It is to display what the cause is about and why Arrowhead is involved in the Food Drive.

“We have created this Powerpoint in order for kids to get a grasp and to really understand how many people are actually in need of help. It has been really beneficial because a lot of kids in this community don’t see many homeless people on the streets of Hartland, and it is motivating everyone to make a change and to help,” said Jack Siepmann, the President of Student Senate.

Arrowhead High School Associate Principal, Becky Gordon, sent out an email to students, parents, and staff giving access to the Powerpoint so they are are able to understand why Arrowhead is involved in the Food Drive. Gordon is able to reach all of the district to enable the information, and to give everyone a chance to participate.

Brooke O’Connor, a senior at Arrowhead High School, said, “I really like the updates sent out to everyone by our staff. It is helpful so I know how I can be involved and what I can do for the community around me.”

Artone said, “This Food Drive is one of the best things Arrowhead offers, and I hope all students from my school and others donate at least one thing to make a difference.” Students at Arrowhead High School have expressed their thoughts of the Food Drive, and feel it should continue on through the years.

If every student donated one thing at Arrowhead, there would be over 2,000 food items.

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