Arrowhead Football Team’s Season Comes to an End

Jake Kellerman, Reporter

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The Arrowhead High school Varsity Football team’s season ended on Friday, November 26th. The Warhawks finished the season, 7-4. The Warhawk’s season ended with a defeated by the undefeated Fond Du Lac Cardinals. The Warhawks lost 22-28, coming up short of a fourth quarter comeback.

Davis Zeutzius, a senior running back, says, “It was a good game with a bad outcome. It was a hard fought game that we were so close to winning and just let the opportunity slip out of our hands.”

The team was on their way to score to take the lead with a game winning touchdown, but senior quarterback Nic Wohlfiel was sacked in the back field by a swarm of Fond Du Lac Cardinals. The Cardinals then stopped the Warhawks the next play and would end up running the time out for the victory.

Although the team lost, senior wide receiver Jacob Schleicher had his best game of the season statistically. Schleicher had 5 catches for 117 yards. Schleicher also had two touchdowns for the Warhawks.

Schleicher feels that school and life is going to feel strange without football being there.

“It feels so weird right now, not thinking about getting ready for practice after school and not being able to prepare for friday night games. The thing that is going to feel the most strange is the fact that next summer I won’t be able go to our football workouts and show up to practice for the whole month of august, it just will not feel normal,” says Schleicher.

The Warhawks were trying to win their eight straight game to advance to the third level of the playoffs.

“I feel that we would have won State if we had pulled of that win against Fond Du Lac, they were the best team in the state and we would have had so much momentum for the rest of the playoffs, but we just couldn’t do it,” aays Zeutzius.

The 2018 season has ended, but the preparation for the 2019 season is underway.

“We have some holes to fill, but with a good offseason and the whole team getting stronger I feel like we will have success in the future,” says junior defensive back Coleton Borkowicz.

“To get better, I feel the team needs to come together and work stronger as a team. That being said, I feel that our senior leadership for next year needs to keep everyone in check and make sure we are all doing what we need to do to get better,” says Borkowicz.

Many life lessons can be learned from the program says several of the players.

“The Arrowhead football program has given me a great group of friends, a way to learn how to respect and work hard, along with perseverance. Yet the thing that I learned that stuck out to me the most was to achieve goals and get results I have to put in the time and effort to do so,” says Nic Wohlfiel the varsity quarterback.

“Whether or not the team made it further in the playoffs it was still a great season,” says Wohlfiel.

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