“I’m With the Band” Shirts

Nora Voght, Reporter

On Friday, October 12th, during halftime at the football game, the 7th through 12th grade members of bands at Arrowhead and other feeder schools put on a show called “I’m With the Band.” This event featured red shirts that said, “I’m With the Band.”

All of the proceeds from the t-shirt sales went to Band Booster and Orchestra Parents (BBOP).

Michelle Mayknipfer, the vice-president of BBOP, says, “The BBOP organization gave all the students their shirts. We did sell some of the t-shirts to the public to help offset the cost of the free student t-shirts.”

Brian Brandel, the BBOP President, says, “BBOP is the Booster club for instrumental music at Arrowhead. We do things such as supply meals for the marching band, a scholarship for those pursuing a music major in college, and other support for the bands.”

This was the first year BBOP held the “I’m With the Band” event.

Brandel says, “Jake Polancich, the band director, wanted to have a show of unity between all the Arrowhead bands and the 7th and 8th grade bands. The shirts were an easy visual to show that. We also sold shirts so parents, friends, and relatives could show their support as well.”

Charles Hutchinson, a member of the Arrowhead Band said, “I think it’s important to do this event because it brings the students who have a love for music together to have fun doing a live performance for a large crowd.”

Brandel says, “This was the first year we conducted an event like this…We hope to do this again…probably with a little tweaking.”

Hutchinson says, “This event would absolutely be very beneficial to do in upcoming years and can improve every time we do it.”

Many of the students, staff, and parents thought that this even went well and were happy with how the event went.

Brandel says, “We got a lot of positive feedback from both parents and band directors. It was great to see all those kids out there. I feel it was a great success…Both  Arrowhead and intermediate school band members I talked with had a great time.”

The BBOP organization sold t-shirts to students, parents, and staff. According to Brandel shirts can be purchased at future concerts.

Mayknipfer says, “We are hoping to sell more t-shirts at upcoming winter concerts and possibly to open a web store before Christmas to support the band department.”

Hutchinson says, “This event had more of an impact on the students than the community, but it helped show that we are one team through and through. The shirts were also very cool to wear and show with pride that we had a love for music and that we were a family.”

Brandel says, “I want to thank all of those that purchased shirts and showed support for the instrumental music program at Arrowhead. It was great to see all that red.”