Arrowhead Girls Volleyball Raises Money for Cancer

Meleana Strecher, Reporter

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Arrowhead Girls Volleyball is supporting Susan G. Komen Organization for Breast Cancer Research during October which is Breast Cancer Awareness month. Throughout the month Arrowhead girls volleyball will be doing promotions to raise money.

The week of September 30th, the girls varsity volleyball team sold pink shirts with black writing or black shirts with pink writing. They are sold for $10 and say Fight as One and were sold during both 5th and 6th lunch. All the proceeds of the t-shirt sales are going to the Susan G. Komen research organization.

The team asked students and teachers to participate in a pink out on Friday, October 5th. It was announced over the loudspeakers during lunch and before school. They were asked to wear all pink to school and to their game. Since October is breast cancer awareness month, the volleyball team thought it was fitting to ask students to wear pink for their big game.

However many kids did not participate in this. Senior Spencer Patterson says, “I didn’t dress up because I asked a lot of my friends and they said they weren’t. A lot of my friends are in the math class where they have to dress up though so maybe that’s why.”

Arrowhead gators, a organization of students who come up with themes and lead the student section in cheers, at games, made the them country on October 5th, when the Volleyball game was a pinkout. Students thought the football game should be pinkout since the volleyball game was. People were confused and some even thought that the football game was a pink out last Friday. However this week, the theme is a pink out for the football game.

Foreign exchange student Camryn Cole says, “Why are they doing a pink out again. I thought last Friday was a pink out.”

The Susan Komen Organization was founded in memory of Susan Komen, by her sister Nancy G. Brinker. Komer was diagnosed with breast cancer and fought for four years before her untimely passing.

According to Susan G. Komen Organization’s website The Susan Komen organization has invested over 17.9 million dollars in women health programs and education in Wisconsin alone. Over 6.1 million dollars in local breast cancer research programs.

Overall, since being founded in 1982, over 800 million dollars globally has been funded to research. About 1.6 billion dollars globally has been used for education, screening, treatment, and support programs. The foundation helps women all over the world in more than 30 countries.

Arrowhead senior, Ellie Artone says, “I think this is such a good cause they’re raising money for. A friends mom of mine has breast cancer and I know it’s hard for their family so it’s good to have people recognize the problem and donate.”

Traditionally when a sports team has a game, they dress up with a theme the day of at school. Girls volleyball did that on Friday with a pinkout. On Thursday, October 11 girls swim team also dressed as a pinkout for their swim meet.

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