Three Juniors Involved in Accident in Arrowhead Parking Lot

Maria Francis, Reporter

Two 16-year old male students were sent to a local hospital with significant injuries after being struck by a 2015 Hyundai traveling eastbound on Arrowhead Drive on the morning of September 27th, according to the Waukesha County Sheriff’s Department.

The Waukesha County Sheriff’s Office, along with the Hartland Fire Department, arrived at the scene of the accident in the Town of Merton that morning.

The students who were hit were walking northbound from the football field toward North Campus, crossing Arrowhead Drive at the crosswalk, when they were struck.

16-year Arrowhead junior operated the vehicle, which accidentally struck the two male Arrowhead students, according to the report.

“We were walking to south [campus] and there were a bunch of cars and this one guy…hit two kids with his car…they didn’t look familiar, and two sophomores in my class…were over there watching and I was like what’s going on? And the two kids looked unconscious. And then Deputy Fryer came over with his lights on…and then an ambulance came…it was so scary…people literally don’t know how to stop…you’re supposed to stop. I’m not really sure what happened but…I feel so bad for those kids. It looked like someone was having a seizure and from what I’ve heard he was, and there was a lady over there shaking him and calling someone but the guy who hit them…looked terrified…it was so scary…he was a junior all three of them were juniors, I hope they are okay,” said Amber Blaha, an Arrowhead sophomore.

No one else was in the vehicle at the time of the accident, according to the Waukesha County report.

The driver, other students, and other adult by-passers in the vicinity immediately stopped to help, according to Superintendent Laura Myrah.

Arrowhead’s School Resource Officer, Deputy Freyer, was with the students in a couple of minutes, according to Myrah in an email sent to staff.

“First I saw a police car go by me on my way to school. Then, when I got in the parking lot, I was near the parking lot and I looked over to see two people lying on the ground with people around them and the driver’s car with the right side of their windshield cracked. That was at like 7:15. I watched as an ambulance arrived. There were at least 3 police cars,” said Bethany Rozof, an Arrowhead senior.

“I did not see exactly what happened, but I believe the two boys were walking near or on the crosswalk when the car came from the other side and hit them. From my point of view, I was talking to someone and heard a thud. I looked up and saw one boy fall to the ground. The driver got out, then pulled his car to the side and went over. I pulled out my phone and called 911. I walked over and realized that there were two injured,” said Arrowhead senior Skylar Fritsche, who was witness at the incident.

“A sad, scary way to start our day! I’m sure we will all keep the affected young men in our thoughts and prayers,” said Myrah in an email sent to staff regarding incident.

“As far as the accident, the two students that were struck have been released from the hospital. The accident remains under investigation at this time. No charges or citations have been issued,” said Jennifer Wallschlaeger, Public Informations Officer for Waukesha County Sheriff in a text.