2018 Homecoming Dance Recap: Dancing through the Decades

Nora Voght, Reporter

On September 29, from 8:00-11:00 pm, at Arrowhead’s North Campus was the 2018 Homecoming Dance. This year, the dance theme was Dancing through the Decades.

During the fourth song, one of the speakers blew.

Elizabeth Barthel, a sophomore student, says, “A downfall was the music not working for awhile. I thought it was [kind of] unprofessional, but sometimes that stuff happens. Because you couldn’t really dance because you couldn’t hear the music.”

Many students and staff members who participated in the setup of the dance felt the completed look and feel of the dance went well.

Tamara Varsos, a student senate advisor and an AHS social studies teacher, says, “The set up Saturday morning went well with over 100 hardworking Student Senators on hand to make the Dancing through the Decades theme come to life.”

From sluishies to chips, the dance even had its own diner.

The hosting area for the concessions was decorated to appeal to the theme. But not only was the concessions decorated, but from the front doors all the way until the door to the gym was a blast from the past. Decorations resembled eras including rubik’s cubes, gold and silver tinsel, checkerboard wallpaper, a drive in movie car, and a diner.

In the past years, some student have complained about the gym being warm. However, this year, Student Senate and the Custodial Service answered with cooler temperatures.

Stephanie Hopkins, an Arrowhead school counselor, says, “It also didn’t hurt that the gym was nice and cool, when in years past it has been pretty warm.”

Another conflicting problem and success was the music played.

Hopkins says, “ I think it would be fun to play more music from the different decades to add to the fun.”

Barthel says, “I thought the music was okay, but they played a lot of rap songs; I think it would’ve been cool to hear more songs from other decades.”

Another new edition this year was the game area in the East gym including spikeball, bean bag toss, and some other small yard games. These games were free to play.

Barthel says that she thought the games in the East Gym were a fun edition and was a lot of fun.

Hopkins says, “We also added the game area in the gym, which seemed to be a big hit.”

Hopkins says, “I think the dance as a whole was a great success. There was a great turn out of students who came out for the dance. I didn’t see any downfalls of the dance. I think it was a great and fun night.”