Arrowhead Student’s Family Happenings on the Fourth of July

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Arrowhead Student’s Family Happenings on the Fourth of July

Mia Zgrabik, Reporter

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The 4th of July comes once a year for Americans to celebrate the freedom of the United States after the adoption of the Declaration of Independence in 1776. Nowadays on the Fourth of July, American’s display a love of the United States with family and friends by their side.  While there are many different traditions carried out on this holiday, sophomore Maddie Tula, Junior Cassidy Wolverton, and seniors Abby Fickel and Jackson Berens share their love of spending time with family on the 4th.

“Well my family doesn’t typically stick to the same traditions, we do something different each year but we’re ALWAYS together.” says Wolverton.

Last year, the Wolvertons went down to Walt Disney World in Orlando, Florida to walk around the parks and enjoy the fireworks at Magic Kingdom on the night of the 4th. This year, they will be going to Summerfest to see Kesha on the Miller Lite Oasis Stage at 9:45 pm.

“We all love listening to music, so it will be good family bonding time doing something we all love,” says Wolverton.
One tradition that always sticks for Fickel and her family is her brother’s birthday being on the 4th of July.

“Well, he always gets Cheetos for breakfast, it’s been like that every year,” says Fickel.

After celebrating for the morning, the Fickel family heads over to Chenequa country club for a delicious dinner. They then gather on the beach at the country club and watch the fireworks over Beaver Lake.  They have been going to the Beaver Lake fireworks for 6 years now as a family.

“It’s a fun way to celebrate our nation as a family and it really just brings everybody together for a day, because who doesn’t like fireworks?” says Fickel.

Tula also tags along with the firework tradition each year, usually attending the fireworks at Pewaukee Lake with her friends and family on the night of the Fourth of July.

“We don’t usually travel on the 4th, we like to stay around friends and family in the area,” says Tula. “We all get together at my family’s barn and we have a big cookout together in the early afternoon, then head over to the lake just in time to get a good spot for fireworks.”

This year Tula and her friends are walking some of the farm animals in the Village of Greendale’s Fourth of July Parade.

Berens will be participating at the Fourth of July parade taking place in the town of Stone Bank. This parade is on the list of the 7 Best Fourth of July Parades in WI according to Beren’s and his family have been going to the parade altogether for nine years. This year, he will be driving a float for his grandfather, who was nominated Citizen of the Year for Stone Bank.

“He was nominated by a few family friends. He is always active in the town and has lived here since 1978,” says Berens.

After the parade, they always go to his grandparent’s house for a cookout, swimming, yard games, and now to celebrate his grandfather’s nomination. After dinner, they head over to a family friend’s house and watch the fireworks over Okauchee Lake. The family has been seeing these fireworks for the past 6 years.

“I think it is a very good time to bond,” says Berens. “We have family visiting from Colorado this week, and it is nice to catch up with everyone because we are used to having such a busy schedule. We all just enjoy the good food, the weather, and a firework show.”

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