New Student Orientation

Kieren Wilde, Reporter

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At the end of the summer there is a new student orientation.  This orientation is for all kids who are going to be new to the district at the beginning of the school year.  The orientation is held at Arrowhead High School and tends to take place a few days before the next school year starts.  This orientation is a way for new students to meet kids who attend Arrowhead as well as ask them any questions they may have.  

In high school, students often have a set group of friends.  At a school like Arrowhead, a lot of the kids have grown up with the kids they go to school with.  These kids have been friends since kindergarten. The orientation held for new students at the end of summer is an opportunity for new students to meet people before the school year starts since they have not grown up with these kids.

The day starts off with ice breakers so the students are able to start getting to know the people around them.  The new students have the opportunity to learn the names and interests of the other students around them. The new students are then given a student-led tour of whichever campus they will be having classes at, either North or South, and are able to run through their schedule so they know where they are going on the first day.  It is nice for the new students to have their schedule before the orientation because it becomes more beneficial when the students can see the actual classrooms they will be going to. During the tour the current students give the new kids advice about the school and help ensure that they know where they are going and where their classes will be to help decrease stress and confusion on the first day.  

After the tour, the students are provided lunch and given an opportunity to talk with the other new students and compare schedules.  During this time, students are able to find people who they have things in common with and are usually able to find at least one person in some of their classes.  This time also helps to decrease the pressure the students are under because they can start getting to know people and not feel as worried about the first day of school because they already know someone.  

Overall, this day is an opportunity for the students to meet other new students as well as people who already attend Arrowhead.  This day can decrease a lot of the stress that comes along with switching schools. It helps the new students to be more comfortable in their environment and make it a better experience overall.  This is a unique opportunity at Arrowhead and can make a large impact since it is such a large school to move to.

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