AHS Starts Planning for HawkFest 2018

Emma Schultz, Reporter

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Arrowhead High School will be hosting DECA’s annual Hawkfest on September 28th, 2018. Hawkfest is “a community event at Arrowhead during homecoming week that raises money for selected charities and Arrowhead DECA. At this event, there are games, music and food before and during the football game, all of which is family friendly,” says sophomore DECA participant Evi Vayts, “admission is free, but the attractions are not.”

The charity they have chosen to give the proceeds this year is Make-A-Wish, but DECA is still looking for a local family to give too. HAWS, of Humane Animal Welfare Society, along with DECA’s Marketing Nights will also benefit from the profits of this event.

DECA is an “association of marketing students that participates in both community service projects and business competitions,” says junior president Abby Fickel

Hawkfest is already in the works, according to Fickel, and has been since the start of second semester of the previous school year. By the end of the school year, she says, the club hopes to have confirmed sponsors and have a plan for which rides/attractions/booths/food will be at Hawkest for the upcoming fall.

Although Fickel is not positive about how long Hawkfest has been an annual event for DECA at Arrowhead, she believes that it has been running for 10 years.

Vayts says it is also helpful to use past guidelines and brainstorm fun ideas for the details of the coming year, that and “just using the inspiration around you.”

The theme of Hawkfest this fall is “Blast From the Past,” because DECA wanted to create a 60s/70s vibe for the event, Fickel says. Apparently the club has “always” wanted to do a throwback edition of the event, and it is “retro-themes” are easier, and fun for participants of “all ages to enjoy.”

“Although it can be hard to decide on a theme that all members of the leadership team agree with, after creating a list of possibilities, we all must agree on one theme,” she says.

To choose the theme, the DECA leadership team of 2018-2019 first brainstormed new theme ideas, even though Fickel says it sometimes can be hard to come up with new ideas because the DECA team does not repeat themes. The next step is ask the other club members for suggestions.

The entire team can vote on the theme and make suggestions, and according to Fickel, that makes it easier for everyone to be happy and satisfied with the theme of the year.

Vayts has been apart DECA since her freshman year, but has taken on a bigger role this year. Her favorite part of the event is to watch the community come together as one, connecting, playing games, and having fun all at the same time right here at Arrowhead.

“My favorite part of Hawkfest is giving the money we make to charity. It is an amazing feeling to know that the donation you make will be going to help improve other’s lives,” Fickel said.

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AHS Starts Planning for HawkFest 2018