Arrowhead Students React to Hottest Rap Songs

Max Gebhard, Reporter

The song atop the Hotnewhiphop hot 100 song chart this week is “Yes Indeed” by Lil Baby featuring Drake and is about being rich: “Brand new whip got no keys, got M’s in the bank.”

“Another solid feature from Drake,” said Arrowhead junior Ethan Costa.

“Lil Baby is a new voice for me,” said Arrowhead junior Hunter Westberg.

Coming in the number two spot is “Taste” by Tyga featuring Offset and is about being the alpha male: “Only when I’m taking pics, I’m the middleman.”

“I like this collaboration,” said Westberg.

“The music video is wild,” said Costa.

“Walk on Minks” by Future is in the number three spot and is about living a luxurious lifestyle: “This is for the Rollie, this is for the Prada.”

“Should’ve been on his album,” said Arrowhead junior Alex Bennett.

“It is a smooth song but also up-beat,” said Arrowhead senior Noah Osteen.

The number four spot is held by “Win” by Jay Rock and is about redemption: “You either with me or against me.”

“Definitely a good anthem,” said Osteen.

“Not a fan of this song, too much going on,” said Bennett.

Coming in the number five spot is “What You Know” by Youngboy Never Broke Again featuring Lil Uzi Vert and is about riches, “Getting a check and spending it.”

“Perfect… just perfect,” said Arrowhead senior Hayden Henning.

“The background beat is alright,” said Arrowhead senior Salvatore Ciardo.

“Inside” by Jacquees featuring Trey Songz is in the number six spot and is about love: “Right there is where I need you.”

“He looks like Quavo,” said Ciardo.

“I would play this for my girlfriend if I had one,” said Henning.

The number seven spot is held by “Champion” by Nav featuring Travis Scott and is about being the best: “Big rings just like a champion.”

“A stand-out from his latest project,” said Arrowhead senior Adam Nannetti.

“Travis comes through once again,” said Arrowhead senior Joey Maniaci.

Coming in the number eight spot is “Change Lanes” by Kevin Gates and is about being an introvert: “On my own, please mind your business.”

“I like his new style,” said Maniaci.

“Interesting drums,” said Nannetti.

“Welcome to the Party” from the Deadpool 2 soundtrack is in the number nine spot and is about going crazy: “Crash my maserati on purpose.”

“Makes me pumped,” said Arrowhead senior Brooke Peddie.

“I like French Montana’s verse,” said Arrowhead junior Jordan Bashaw.

The number ten spot is held by “Like A Farmer REMIX” by Lil Tracy featuring Lil Uzi Vert and is about making money: “Stack the bales to the top.”

“Cool collaboration,” said Bashaw.

“The sound effects make the song for me,” said Peddie.