Arrowhead Coffee Shop Brings People Together


Students love AHS cafe

Amanda Stahl, Reporter

When walking the hallways of Arrowhead High School, many students hold a coffee beverage. The American Academy of Pediatrics reports that coffee drinking among adolescents has increased over the past two decades. Although coffee and caffeine have essentially no nutritional value, there are claims that drinking coffee can be beneficial for teenagers.

With teenagers attempting to keep up with school and part time employment students turn towards caffeinated drinks in order to keep going. Drinking coffee has been proven to increase memory, which can be beneficial for those who have constant activity.

AHS teacher Eileen Dlobik runs Arrowhead’s coffee shop at North Campus. The cafe is open from 7:30 a.m to 10:56 a.m Monday through Friday. With a hard working student oriented staff, they have made an environment enjoyable for all of Arrowhead’s students.

Dlobik says, “I think coffee gives people a chance to slow things down a bit, and take the time to relax, drink coffee, and focus on the present.”

Abby Davies, a junior at Arrowhead High School says, “I love Mrs. Dlobik. She’s like a mom to everyone that comes in here, bringing love everywhere. She goes around and talks to everyone, which makes everyone feel so welcome. She brings so much light within the school, when some may think there is none.”

Dlobik says she believes that Arrowhead’s coffee shop has an atmosphere that brings people together, no matter what background they come from.

Dlobik says, “In this little room there is a great opportunity to give people the advantage to work together as a team, and especially learn what it’s like to work with different personalities. I believe a hundred percent that the cafe has been a success to students and staff. This coffee shop is a safe haven lying in a place where there is a lot of competitiveness and stress. This is a place where kids can come in and have some quiet time. People feel safe to talk about what’s going on in their life and we can communicate openly.”

Students around Arrowhead High School have spoken positively about the coffee shop, and have created memories they feel will always lie within the cafe.

“This coffee shop is such a safe environment, and it teaches everyone that we aren’t so different after all. This is my favorite place to be because you always feel right at home. I’ve got so many memories within this cafe, but one of my favorites would be the parties we would throw for special occasions. Everyone would be dancing and singing, there was a whole lot of love within that room. I just always gain so much acknowledge every time I set foot in there. I love learning from the students that work in the cafe because they teach you life lessons without even realizing it,” Davies says.

Dlobik plans to continue working in Arrowhead’s coffee shop, and keep in touch with all of the people who have inspired her.

“The memories of fun laughter respect friendships that have formed and also the learning to respect views with an open mind. Biggest thing is acceptance,” Dlobik says.