Arrowhead Sophomores and Freshman underwent ACT Aspire Testing

Arrowhead freshman and sophomore students partake in ACT Aspire testing.

Arrowhead freshman and sophomore students partake in ACT Aspire testing.

Marissa Treiber, Reporter

Arrowhead sophomores and freshman completed ACT Aspire tests. Testing began on April 16th and concluded on April 20th. The week-long testing had an impact on both North and South campus students through various things such as schedule changes, and lack of Wi-Fi.

According to the information Arrowhead parents received the ACT Aspire testing is “a computer-based assessment, required by the state of Wisconsin, that measures progress toward college and career readiness in English, Reading, Writing, Math, and Science.”

Sophmore Mary Lotz said, “the testing was long and tiring but I know it was good preparation for our future and I’m glad we had the chance to complete it.”

Testing locations and times were organized by last names and began Monday with 10th graders names A through L. Tuesday followed with 10th graders names M through Z, and freshman tested the following two days following the same alphabetical order.

Test proctors included mostly south campus teachers who worked with students on the days they tested. According to the email procures received they underwent training and worked with Arrowheads State Assessment Team which included South Campus Consler Thomas Stuber, Director of Library Media & Technology Donna Smith, and Arrowhead Principle Gregg Wieczorek.

During this time period, students at the campus were restricted from Wi-Fi use throughout the week. This included juniors, seniors, and teachers at North. The lack of  Wi-Fi was due to the abundance of users having to use it for the Aspire testing says Arrowhead teacher Chris Martin.

Senior Hope Weil said, “the week was pretty hard for us not having any access to Wi-Fi because we use it with our computers in almost every class.”