Arrowhead Plant Sale Kicks Off

Max Gebhard, Reporter

Arrowhead science teacher Greg Bisbee is holding the ninth annual plant sale. All proceeds go towards supplies for the landscape ecology class and course. With over 50 species, there is plenty to choose from. They are up for adoption to good homes.

To make an order, fill out the order form receivable from Greg Bisbee via email ([email protected]) and submit it to the  main office. Orders are due by May 31st and can also be submitted electronically.

There are 11 different herbs available for a dollar each including the following: genovese basil, sweet basil, lettuce leaf basil, large leaf basil, cilantro/coriander, italian parsley, cumin, compact bouquet dill, mammoth dill, fennel, and greek oregano.

There are 15 different vegetable varieties for a dollar each including the following: green pepper, yellow pepper, red pepper, cayenne pepper, yellow wax hungarian pepper, banana sweet pepper, jalapeño pepper, anaheim chili pepper, pepperoncini pepper, poblano/ancho pepper, habanero pepper, serrano pepper, asparagus, dark zucchini, and buttercup squash.

“I might buy some jalapeño peppers, so I can harvest them and add them to meals,” said Arrowhead senior Salvatore Ciardo.

There are four different cherry-type eating tomatoes for a dollar each including the following: chadwick cherry, very cherry mix, chocolate cherry, and sweet 100 cherry.

There are 14 different slicing tomato types for a dollar each including the following: bush beefsteak, crimson cushion beefsteak, Wisconsin 55, rutgers, viva italia hybrid, celebration hybrid, mortgage lifter, abe lincoln heirloom, best boy, sunny boy hybrid, red brandywine, cherokee purple heirloom, beef maestro hybrid, and amana orange.

“Who would’ve knew there was so many different types,” said Ciardo.

There are two paste tomato varieties for sale a dollar each including the following: roma and baby roma heirloom.

The only annual flower for sale is climbing moonflower for $2.50. There are 12 wild perennial wildflowers for $2.50 each including the following: wild columbine, nodding wild onion, bergamot, black-eyed susan, leadplant, prairie blazingstar, butterfly milkweed, common milkweed, pale purple coneflower, purple coneflower, rattlesnake master, and great St. John’s wort.

“That moonflower must be worth it for the higher price,” said Ciardo.

If there is interest in perennial wildflowers or other native species, they are available upon request.