Arrowhead Implements New Vape Policy

Max Gebhard, Reporter

On March 1st, an email was sent out school-wide from Arrowhead Associate Principal Becky Gordon concerning the use of vapes. She said, “Please be aware of the attached as the consequences for vaping/tobacco have changed in that you will not be in and out of school suspended in addition to the ticket citation. A copy of this has been sent home as well as to your teachers. We care very much about all of you and we want to keep all of you safe and drug free!”

“This decision…is an improvement,” said Arrowhead senior Hayden Henning.

“Obviously the old policy wasn’t working,” said Arrowhead senior Emily Burant. Referring to the old policy which was to just search and suspend the student on discovery of a vape.

“The out of school suspension is interesting,” said Arrowhead senior Nathan Hemmer.

The attached document to the email titled “Tobacco Consequences” begins with, “The vaping epidemic has grown and unfortunately we have not been immune to this at Arrowhead.”

“Honestly the truth,” said Arrowhead senior Kent Attwell.

“I can definitely agree,” said Arrowhead senior Bradley Kronberg.

“They are taking this serious using words like epidemic and immune, “ said Burant.

Gordon listed the consequences: “Each time a student is found using and/or in possession of a vape device/cigarettes or we have evidence that a student was in possession/used this during the school day the following will happen:

  1. Student and his/her belonging will be searched and item(s) will be confiscated and not returned
  2. A citation will be issued (vapor devices are treated the same as tobacco)
  3. The student will be suspended in school for the remainder of the day and will be out of school suspended the following day
  4. Parent/guardian will be notified and the incident will be forwarded to the Activities Director if applicable.”

“Finally something more is being done,” said Arrowhead junior Jaron Luther.

“I think this is necessary,” said Arrowhead senior Caroline McShane.

“I guess we’ll see in the coming months how effective this new policy really is,” said Arrowhead senior Haley Jackson.