Arrowhead Girls Track and Field Runners Prepare for Upcoming Season

Girls track and field athletes run a warm up lap on the track before their sprints workout.

Girls track and field athletes run a warm up lap on the track before their sprints workout.

Maraba Roznik, Editor and Reporter

Despite the cold weather and blanket of snow, spring sports at Arrowhead are quickly approaching. Among these is girls track and field. In one week, track and field student athletes will be lacing up their trainers and hitting the track.

Students are encouraged to join the program by filling out a registration form on the track and field page of the school’s website and downloading the statwack app to receive notifications from coaches. Prospective athletes will be able to select events they are interested in through the form.

Even though the season’s official start date is March 5th, some running have already been training for meets. Throughout the winter, track and field members have been preparing themselves. Several programs run by coaches, coaches’ assistants, and team captains are in place daily after school to help athletes build their speed, endurance, and core during the off-season.

Senior Kayla Vogt has been following a strict off-season training schedule since her cross country season ended in late October.

Vogt says, “Mondays I will do a hill workout. Then Wednesdays and Fridays, I mainly do sprints on the Curve Treadmill. If the track is melted, I will sprint on the track. In between those days I will just do a normal run, like two to three miles.”

Junior Anna Schueth has also been running weekly, along with doing leg workouts. She trained a lot post-cross country season, but took a short break from over-exertion.

Schueth says, “Also I’ve been trying to eat healthier, and I’ve lost some weight in the process.”

Similar the Schueth, junior Emily Burant has also made her health and wellness a priority. In the past month she has been improving herself in strength training classes and running low mileages to prevent preseason injuries. Burant has been recovering from injuries from cross country.

Burant says, “Personally, it was hard to get back into the rhythm of running after cross country. I started my training for track in early January.”

Some other athletes have also been participating in other sports and activities that have helped them stay in shape.

Senior Jeanie Hills says, “I’m in [Christian Youth Ministry] intramural basketball, so practices and games help a little with muscle and cardio. I also started my performance training gym class this semester, so I hope to get in a routine of weight lifting and get more into it.”

The upcoming track and field season has brought a mix of feelings. Despite nerves and uncertainty, most students say they are looking forward to putting their training to the test.

Vogt says, “I have never been more excited for track to start than this year. I’ve been waiting for this since this summer.”

Schueth and Hills are looking forward to working with the new girls track and field head coach Allison Delzer.

Delzer had been an assistant coach for the boys track and field team. She coached high jump, long jump, and triple jump athletes. This year she was hired to take charge of the girls program.

Schueth and Hills both say they are nervous yet excited for track and field to start.

Schueth says, “I am nervous that my iron levels won’t be high enough, but hopefully they will be.”

Hills says, “It’s going to be nice and fun to see everyone again and get into a normal healthy routine. But my training has been slacking a little more than usual, and this is my last season of running any sport in my high school career.”

After devoting time to train hard and prepare themselves, these athletes have high hopes and goals for their season. Schueth says her goal is to not only improve from last year, but to also feel happy with her efforts no matter the outcome of her race. Hills hopes to appreciate and enjoy had last season.

Burant says, “This season I’m hoping that I can stay healthy and make more memories with my team.”

Vogt says, “I hope to get a [personal record] in all my races, and end my senior year with a bang.”