Rap continues to entice Arrowhead students


Kids in study hall working individually.

Max Gebhard, Reporter

“King’s Dead” by Jay Rock featuring Kendrick Lamar and Future holds the number one spot on the Hotnewhiphop chart and is about their environment: “You’re not a gang member, you’s a tourist.”

“This song isn’t something I would usually listen to, but It is pretty enjoyable and Future delivers a melodic performance,” said Arrowhead senior Taylor Battisti.

“I agree with Taylor completely,” said Arrowhead senior Caylen Berg.

In the number two spot is “Pause” by 21 Savage and is about how he lives: “Whipping up dope in the pot, pause, 30 round clip on my Glock, pause.”

“Something my boyfriend would listen to,” said Berg.

“Repetitive, but I liked it,” said Battisti.

Coming in the number three spot is “Chloraseptic REMIX” by Eminem featuring Phresher and 2 Chainz and is about the negative reactions to his new album: “Y’all saw the tracklist and had a fit ‘fore you heard it, so you formed your verdict.”

“Much better than the original track,” said Arrowhead senior Zach Kocher.

“2 Chainz is amazing in the beginning,” said Arrowhead senior Jacob Vernon.

“Mood” by Lil Uzi Vert is in the number four spot and is about how nothing can take away his happiness: “All these diamonds on me, I don’t feel no pressure.”

“I like the melody,” said Vernon.

“Makes me reminisce,” said Kocher.

In the number five spot is “Learn How To Watch” by Madeintyo and Mac Miller and is about being a leader: “I’m on the escalator, they be starin’ at me, they the spectators and I’m player magic.”

“I could work out to this song,” said Arrowhead senior Salvatore Ciardo.

“Time to party,” said Arrowhead senior Brooke Peddie.

Coming in the number six spot is “Mula” by Zoey Dollaz featuring Lil Wayne and is about getting and spending money: “Diamonds on my neck, freezin’ like a cooler.”

“Same for this track,” said Peddie.

“Wayne does it again,” said Ciardo.

“On God” by Dave East is in the number seven spot and is about his faith: “I pray to God that I don’t die tonight, We gon’ make somebody cry tonight.”

“East is alright,” said Arrowhead junior Hunter Davis.

“I like his storytelling,” said Arrowhead junior John Duncan.

In the number eight spot is “Free Cool Pt. 2” by Kodak Black and is about his incarcerated friends: “I promise I ain’t goin’, that’s the other guy.”

Solid message and delivery,” said Duncan.

“Kodak’s my man,” said Davis.

Coming in the number nine spot is “How It Turn Out” by Lil Wayne and Kodak Black and is about living large: “I got guns under the sofas and I treat them like trophies.”

“Perfect combination,” said Arrowhead senior Erica Schlise.

“Chemistry is unbelievable,” said Arrowhead senior Anthony Martinez.

“The Weekend” by Wale is in the number ten spot and is about his feelings: “See I was once told that the heart wants who the hearts wants.”

“Solid love song,” said Martinez.

“Enjoyable for the most part,” said Schlise.