Arrowhead Students Enjoy Their Favorite Music Genres

Max Gebhard, Reporter

“Family Feud [Remix]” by Lil Wayne featuring Drake is in the number one spot on the Hotnewhiphop top 100 songs and is about the problems they have with record labels: “Spent a lifetime going platinum and gold, he should own half of the label.”

“These two have natural chemistry, they make good hip-hop” said Arrowhead senior Taylor Battisti.

“Lil Wayne is unstoppable, in my top 5 rappers” said Arrowhead senior Austin Cummings.

In the number two spot is “Bring it Back” by Trouble featuring Drake and is about getting your money back: “Go get your money man, go get that.”

“Solid Drake feature,” said Cummings.

“I like how chill this song is, R&B has always been my favorite genre” said Battisti.

Coming in the number three spot is “Keke” by Tekashi69 featuring Fetty Wap and A Boogie Wit Da Hoodie and is about what they do daily: “Posted with the drop, gun cocked, on the regular.”

“Not going to lie, this is bad,” said Arrowhead senior David Dean.

“Fetty Wap is only good part of this rap song,” said Arrowhead senior Rehanne Foulkrod.

“Let Em All In” by Lil Wayne featuring Cory Gunz and Euro is in the number four spot and is about how they deal with opponents: “A dude foul with a smile, they would never know how mad that he is.”

“Makes me want to do something evil,” said Foulkrod.

“Wayne’s verse is amazing,” said Dean.

In the number five spot is “Phone” by Smokepurpp featuring Nav and is about how many females text them: “She said you can text me back, why you wanna call for?”

“Such a chill tune,” said Arrowhead senior Eli Orendorf.

“Nav fits the mood perfect,” said Arrowhead senior Sydney Rogowski.

Coming in the number six spot is “Blackin’ Out” by Lil Wayne featuring Euro and is about taking an abundance of drugs: “I take off from Earth.”

“Interesting subject matter,” said Rogowski.

“He does this remix justice, I like rap” said Orendorf.

“TR666” by Trippie Redd featuring Swae Lee is in the number seven spot and is about pursuing happiness: “We all got one common goal.”

“I like the positivity,” said Arrowhead senior Alexander Tanke.

“Swae Lee sounds so smooth,” said Arrowhead senior Jacob Vernon.

In the number eight spot is “Day One” by Kodak Black featuring PnB Rock and is about their biggest homies: “Been through it all, them blood sweat and tears.”

“Another good message,” said Vernon.

“PnB sounds confident and strong,” said Tanke.

Coming in the number nine spot is “XO Tour Life [Remix]” by Lil Wayne featuring Baby E and is about hardship: “Few bumps in the road, I don’t mind.”

“He makes this song better than the original,” said Arrowhead senior Edwin Kang.

“Baby E holds his place,” said Arrowhead senior John Hazod.

“Fly Away” by Lil Wayne is in the number ten spot and is about his DNA consists of: “Dollars, alcohol, narcotics, that’s DNA.”

“This song goes hard in my car,” said Hazod.

“Wayne kills this remix,” said Kang.