Arrowhead Students Eavesdrop Music on the Charts

Student views the top ten.

Student views the top ten.

Max Gebhard, Reporter

The number one spot on the HotnewHipHop chart is held by “Sensei” by Chris Brown featuring T.I. and is about his karate moves: “I’m your sensei, yesh sensei.”

“More catchy than I first thought,” said Arrowhead senior Parker Anderson.

“Chris Brown still got it,” said Arrowhead senior Emily Audley.

“American Dream” by Jeezy featuring Kendrick Lamar and J. Cole is in the number two spot and is about their come up and the state of American politic: “Every day eating good with my team, the American Dream.”

“Amazing chemistry in this collaboration,” said Audley.

“Cohesive song,” said Anderson.

Coming in the number three spot is “That’s My Boy” by Meek Mill featuring Snoop Dogg and YG and is about how they roll with their best friends: “You should’ve seen how we looked last winter, you should’ve seen how we ate last dinner.”

“This track goes so hard,” said Arrowhead senior Gunnar Block.

“These three are good together,” said Arrowhead senior Sophia Boler.

The number four spot is held by “Don’t Don’t Do it!” by N.E.R.D. featuring Kendrick Lamar and Frank Ocean and is about preventing bad things: “They’re gonna do it anyway, they tell you pull over, tell you get out the car.”

“Pharrell and Kendrick work perfect,” said Boler.

“I like how smooth this song is,” said Block.

“No Limit (Remix)” by G-Eazy featuring A$AP Rocky, French Montana, Juicy J, and Belly is in the number five spot and is about how they make money: “Million cash in a safe, french vanilla by the case.”

“The beat is such a banger,” said Arrowhead senior David Brookes.

“So many solid rappers,” said Arrowhead senior Kyle Cissne.

Coming in the number six spot is “Go Crazy” by Jay Jones featuring Lil Wayne and is about having an insane mentality: “Won’t make it to the ambulance.”

“Jay Jones isn’t bad actually,” said Cissne.

“Wayne with yet another good verse,” said Brookes.

The number seven spot is held by “Going at It” by Chris Brown and is about how deep in love he can get: “I tried to spend a day without you and it’s too hard to do.”

“Typical love song to me,” said Arrowhead senior Gianna Gastrow.

“Chris Brown’s usual magic,” said Arrowhead senior Sarah Ernst.

“Five Guys” by Zaytoven featuring Migos and Young Thug is in the number eight spot and is about their lifestyle: “I just spend four thousand on a coat, then got a boat.”

“I like Thugger’s flow,” said Ernst.

“Quavo killing it,” said Gastrow.

Coming in the number nine spot is “Chosen One” by NBA YoungBoy featuring Kodak Black and is about being the best: “It ain’t a thing I can’t handle, I’m a champion.”

“Perfect collaboration,” said Arrowhead senior Megan Steffen.

“Real smooth jazz in the background,” said Arrowhead senior Brayden Shepherd.

The number ten spot is held by “The Race (Remix)” by Tay-K featuring 21 Savage and Young Nudy and is about how they run away: “I ain’t beat that case, but I did the race.”

“Better than the original,” said Shepherd.

“The melody relaxes me,” said Steffen.