Arrowhead Students Engage in Academic and Career Exploration in Homeroom


Arrowhead students engage with their homeroom.

Marissa Treiber, Reporter

On Wednesday, December 13th, Arrowhead students took part in various activities in their designated homerooms.

Seniors at Arrowhead spent the 40 minute homeroom period on academic and career exploration (ACE). During this time, students engaged in looking deeper at and focusing on their post-graduation plans.

Seniors said during this time they did college prep and went over deadlines, looked into scholarships and grants, and had time to discuss college life and have their questions answered.

Senior Mallorey Wallace said the most important thing was getting personal emails. After seniors graduate, Arrowhead deactivates students’ four year email account. Therefore it’s important seniors make their own personal email account and begin using it, Wallace says.

Juniors, freshmen, and sophomores also worked on academic and career exploration and spent a portion of the time looking into course selection for the 2018/2019 school year.

According to Arrowhead teachers key aspect of the junior homeroom was to look deeper into the classes they will need to graduate and make sure the next year’s classes are those that allow them to graduate.

Junior Della Gherling said, “It was nice to have a homeroom on Wednesday because it gave me time to look into classes I wouldn’t have looked into.”

According to Sue Casetta, Arrowhead’s director of learning, ACE is an ongoing process done by Arrowhead to help students better themselves and their future.

During homerooms throughout the year, Casetta says students will work on developing themselves, including the development of individual goals, and work on the vision they have for their future.

Although Arrowhead has always implemented some sort of career planning and college search, ACE is a new addition to Arrowhead. Casetta said last year was the “pilot year” for ACE and now, it is fully in place for the 2017-2018 school year.

“Students just go go go nowadays, and these homerooms are nice break to focus on something important in their lives,” says Casetta.

Casetta also states that ACE is key in helping students plan post high school plans to keep them inline with their goals and financial reality. This can be seen through students’ schoolwork and learning or test results. ACE also helps students to see their college readiness and better tune the areas they need to work on.

Casetta says she, Adam Boldt, Thomas Stuber, and Brenda King make a small team and work to make ACE helpful and a good resource for students. They are also always looking for feedback to know what worked at what didn’t. To give feedback you can email any of the people above at their Arrowhead email: [email protected]

“We want all Arrowhead students to succeed, whether that’s in college, the military, or other high school graduate programs,” says Casetta.