Arrowhead Students Give Opinions On ‘Double or Nothing’


Student views the album.

Max Gebhard, Reporter

On December 7th, Big Sean released a collaborative project with producer Metro Boomin titled, “Double or Nothing” with ten tracks including features from Travis Scott, 2 Chainz, 21 Savage, Young Thug, and Swae Lee.

“Go Legend” featuring Travis Scott is the first track on the album and is about

how they both strived to become rap superstars: “Made my blueprints, so my life got no ceilings.”

“Big Sean sounds so introspective,” said Arrowhead senior Ashlynn Vassar.

“Travis Scott delivers on the hook,” said Arrowhead senior Aaron Wasserman.

The second song on the album is “Big Bidness” featuring 2 Chainz and is about how much money they make: “I can’t think of one time I got rich then went broke.”

“This is infectious,” said Wasserman.

“Solid collaboration,” said Vassar.

“Who’s Stopping Me” is the third song on the album and is about how he became an unstoppable force in the rap industry: “Sleeping with one eye open like I’m throwing a dart.”

“I like the latin sample,” said Arrowhead senior Lukas Wehrli.

“Interesting background beat,” said Arrowhead senior Mason Wells.

The fourth song is “Pull Up N Wreck” by Big Sean featuring 21 Savage which has them explain how easily they can call up their goons to come end someone’s life: “Pull up with the spark, hit you in the dark.”

“The beat is hype and fast-paced,” said Wells.

“Both of them sound confident and strong,” said Wehrli.

“So Good” featuring Kash Doll is the fifth song on the album and is about the intimate moments they have had before: “See that’s what I’m talking about.”

“Every line is dirty,” said Arrowhead senior Julia Van Horn.

“Kash Doll ain’t bad,” said Arrowhead senior Jose Antonio Trujillo.

The sixth song on the album is “Savage Time” and is about many of the prominent issues he sees including the Flint water crisis: “I’m going to make the president drink, he wouldn’t even let it touch his sink.”

“He brings up some good points,” said Trujillo.

“I like the subject matter,” said Van Horn.

“Even The Odds” featuring Young Thug is the seventh song on the album and is about how they do things differently: “This ain’t beef, this is world war, this ain’t a show, this a world tour.”

“I wish Thug’s part was longer,” said Arrowhead senior Brielle Symdon.

“This combination surprisingly works,” said Arrowhead senior Spency Szydel.

The eighth track on the album is “In Tune” and is about how he has connected to the universe: “You do too much going out and not enough going in.”

“Introspective Sean will always win,” said Szydel.

“Makes me think deep,” said Symdon.

“Reason” featuring Swae Lee is the ninth track on the album is about how he doesn’t have time for anybody that doesn’t contribute to his life: “Gave everybody around me jobs.”

“He sounds like a boss,” said Arrowhead senior Nicholas Siepmann.

“I like the tone,” said Arrowhead senior Elise Skarda.

The last song on the album is “No Hearts, No Love” and is about his trials and tribulations: “I done hit an all time low but still rose up.”

“The success is evident,” said Skarda.

“Good closer to the album,” said Siepmann.