Arrowhead Students Partake in Student Senates Blood Drive


Marissa Treiber, Reporter

Friday December 8th marked the annual blood drive hosted by Arrowhead’s Student Senate. The event occurred thought the day Friday and began at 8:30 am in Arrowhead’s west gym.

According to Student Senate President Addie Siepman over 150 students gave blood on the 8th. These numbers will most likely increase for the spring blood drive also run by Student Senate.

Addie said, “It’s easier for kids in the spring because more sophomores who can donate have turned 16.”

The process is simple as phlebotomist Hanna Rivera explained it on Friday during the Blood Drive . Students who choose to donate must first be fit within height and weight requirement. If they fit within they will then have their temperate, blood pressure, and pulse rate take. People will they give a small sample of blood to see if it is viable and they are not iron deficient.

The donation usually takes between six and ten minutes. After participants must stay seated for a few minutes, then a small snack is given out and students are free to leave as soon as they feel good enough, says Riviera.  

Senior Luke Tremmel said, “I gave blood last year and was unable to complete it because I almost passed out, so I decided to come back this year and donate again. I was glad I could help someone in need.”

According to the Blood Center of Wisconsin fewer than 5% of eligible donors actually donate. Blood collected at blood drives like this are used in an array of areas and can help be the part that saves someone’s life.

The Red Cross says that approximately 36,000 units of red blood cells are needed each day.Also the Red Cross supplies 40% of the Nations blood supply which adds up to 13.6 million units of blood annually to be donated to various resources.

Rivera said, “Donating blood is so important for so many people, it(the blood) goes by so quickly, and it’s important to get involved if you can because so many people are in need of donations”

If you have any questions about giving blood or want to partake in a blood drive yourself please visit either Red Cross or The Blood Center of Wisconsin.