Arrowhead Brings K9 Unit To Search Classrooms

Arrowhead students continue to study in a drug free environment.

Arrowhead students continue to study in a drug free environment.

Cameron Gustin, Reporter

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Arrowhead High School partnered with the Waukesha County Sheriff’s Department this past Monday, November 17th. The two worked together and brought the K9 unit to three different classrooms around North Campus in order to enforce a drug free learning environment, according to an email sent out to staff by Becky Gordon.

As reported by Arrowhead students, Gordon, the associate principal at Arrowhead, shared over the loudspeaker that there would be a “temporary lockdown” within the first ten minutes of school. No students were permitted to leave the room until further notice, and she assured everybody that no one was in danger.

Ben Woida, an Arrowhead senior and former varsity soccer captain, was one of the students whose classroom got searched. Woida was in Creative Writing, which is taught by Heidi Hamilton and Elizabeth Jorgensen.

Woida says, “It was kind of scary. I wasn’t worried or anything, but the dogs and the policemen were just really intimidating. I didn’t even want to move a muscle because I did not want them to think I was hiding anything.”

An email was sent out to parents just minutes after the search came to an end. It stated a little background reasoning as to why the search took place, and it included that these searches would be conducted periodically. There was no stated timeline however.

Arrowhead senior and varsity lacrosse player Mckenna Lorenz says, “I definitely was not expecting that on the first Monday back from Thanksgiving break. I don’t see a problem with it at all, except for interrupting class time. I see a slight contradiction with them wanting to better our learning environment, but by doing so they take a bunch of kids out of class for nearly ten minutes.”

Arrowhead stated in an email to faculty and parents that these searches would occur periodically; however, they did not attach a schedule. Students are now aware of the change in policy, and the goal of a drug free school.

Any students with questions or drug related problems can contact their guidance counselor.

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Arrowhead Brings K9 Unit To Search Classrooms