Is Christmas Break Long Enough?

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Is Christmas Break Long Enough?

AHS students working hard to catch up before Christmas Break

AHS students working hard to catch up before Christmas Break

AHS students working hard to catch up before Christmas Break

AHS students working hard to catch up before Christmas Break

Marleh Lehmann, Reporter

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Every Christmas break students get a week off of school. But most students agree that the break should be longer.

AHS senior Julia Wesley said, “As students, we work hard during the school year and feel like a long break is necessary. The college students get over a month off and I feel like it’s unfair.”

Wesley says that even an extra week off of school would be a relief for all students. Break is usually nine days long and it usually starts the day before Christmas Eve.

Christmas break is the break that all students look forward to the most and it always just flies by. I feel like it should be longer because it is a holiday meant to spend with family and a week isn’t long enough,” said Wesley.

Wesley says her family on her mom’s side of the family comes in three days after Christmas so that is basically only four days to spend with them.

“It stinks because Christmas is the only time that we get to see them because of our busy schedules and living across the country from each other,” Wesley said.

Wesley said that her family doesn’t go anywhere, because they want to go outside of the country but a week isn’t enough time.

Senior AHS student Fran Penny says she has a different perspective.

“I like the amount of time that we have over Christmas break. I feel like it is the perfect amount of time so do everything that you need to do,” Penny said.

Penny says she never has a problem with not getting everything done that she needs to because of how short the break is.

Penny says, “I know that some people would argue that the break is so short and that we do not have time to go on vacation and do other activities like that but my family has our relatives over each Christmas and we still have time to go on a vacation. If break was longer than what it is now then people would get bored.”

Penny said, “Why would we need more time than a week? People should be satisfied that we have the break that we have.”

Penny says that there is nothing to be mad about because in a year we will have over a month off in college.

Penny says, “People can not compare high school and college breaks because college kids have exams right before christmas which are a lot more stressful than what we have. I overall do not have a problem with the break and I am very satisfied with what we have.”

Penny said, “It is Christmas  break so everyone should just be happy.”

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Is Christmas Break Long Enough?