From a Harsh Fall to a Rise of Fame

Barstool sport's post about Marsalli falling.

Barstool sport's post about Marsalli falling.

Barstool sport's post about Marsalli falling.

Lexie Newman, Reporter

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Last Friday, at the Arrowhead versus Oconomowoc football game, Max Marsalli, a senior, took a spill while running up and down the bleachers cheering on the Varsity football team. Under the lights surrounding the football field, the student section roared with screams.


He was showing spirit as one of the gators. The gators are the students who run the cheers . He took a fall when he was doing a cheer called “parting the red sea”. When the crowd split, he ran up and down waving his flag. As he ran down, his speed increased and he stumbled over himself. He hit his head and suffered a few injuries. It was reported by his friends that he suffered a fracture on his arm and had hit his head hard, but has no signs of a concussion


“For a second the thought of him dying passed through my head. He was like white and blue, woke up, then passed out again. I was up at the front of the student section and he fell right in front of me. It was definitely scary watching it all happen,” says, Arrowhead senior and gator, Keenan Cuculi.


Not only did students at the game see this spill, but so have millions of other all over Twitter and the news. You can find these videos on @Barstoolsports ( on  twitter and as well as many Arrowhead students have it re-posted on their page.  Marsalli’s fall has led him to some fame. He was featured and Interviewed on WISN 12 and made it on Barstool Sports instagram and Twitter pages, where millions have viewed him. In the interview Marsalli said “ Oh for sure i’d do it again, but definitely a lot slower,” when asked if he would still be participating in gatoring during the games.


“I remember last year at the state hockey game he ran into the other student section with the flag and everyone went wild. Ever since then he has been our flag guy at games. A good one too. After this fall, we are all calling him legendary and an icon,” says Arrowhead senior, Sophie Soliday.


You can tell by the video of Marsali falling, he took a big spill that resulted in an injured arm but his spirit will not fade. In his interview on WISN, he stated that he will still continue to wave his Arrowhead flag and spread school spirit. As said by Greta Paszek , an Arrowhead senior, on twitter, Marsali is “truly an icon”.

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From a Harsh Fall to a Rise of Fame