ACE Homerooms Begin Again In The New School Year

Connor Quigley, Reporter

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This past Wednesday, September 13,  at Arrowhead,  senior students had to take a short quiz online to prepare them for their future careers, courtesy of the ACE program. ACE stands for Academic and Career Exploration.

ACE is a speciality program made to help students find what they want to pursue in their school life and what they want to do in their post-school life, as according to A study was done in 2013 that claimed about 80% of ACT test takers who graduated claimed they knew what to pursue in college but only 36% of those students chose a major they were interested in.

The ACE program at Arrowhead focuses on videos, presentations, and tests to give the students life advice and options for the future.

Each homeroom is separated by grade and last name for ACE. Each homeroom is lead by a teacher to give directions to the students.

During the homeroom, sophomore students took a quiz on the Career Cruising link at The quiz asked students questions on their interests before giving them career recommendations.

English teacher Ryan Andrews says, “The homerooms are beneficial to students because they provide time for both reflection and planning…thinking about the future can be daunting, so having resources like Career Cruising might be able to help some students out.”

On the other hand, sophomore student Kaya Sarajian says, “it’s a waste of time” and “I hate the whole system they have for finding out where your homeroom is.”

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