Former Arrowhead Students Get Ready For College

Former Arrowhead Students Get Ready For College

Amanda Stahl, Reporter

The transition from high school to your first year at college is drastic. Students start college with a clean academic slate, along with a lot of independence and a myriad of critical decisions as they begin the transition into adulthood. The decisions that students make and the actions they take during this first year of college will have a major impact on the rest of their college experience.

Arrowhead High is ranked #542 in the National Rankings and earned a silver medal. Schools are ranked based on their performance on state-required tests and how well they prepare students for college. Arrowhead is known for its excellent advantages in allowing students the full potential of college readiness.

Cole Winston, a recently graduated Arrowhead student says, “Going into a whole new environment then the one I have known for years and years is truly thrilling. I’m immensely excited to immerse myself in an education that wholly encompasses what I love to do. That being,  BFA in Musical Theatre. “

According to American College Testing (ACT), one in every four college students leaves before completing their sophomore year — and nearly half of all freshmen will either drop out before obtaining a degree or complete their college education elsewhere. Although many students drop out and despite the increasing costs—and the claims about a shortage of college graduates—the number of people attending and graduating from four-year educational institutions keeps going up. Orientation is known to make freshmen feel connected. Many schools now build into the curriculum first-year seminars or other programs that bring small groups of students together with faculty or staff on a regular basis.

Winston says, “Having a program that feels personally tailored to my interests is absolutely perfect and fulfilling, so I’m most happy to learn that and to be around people who feel the same way as I do about my interests and passions. I’ll be attending Indiana University, Bloomington on August 21st. The whole college experience is one I believe everyone should be involved in. It is your first time on your own, and you can learn so much.”