Cavaliers-Warriors is Not Bad for the NBA


Logan Winser and Kyle Hoepner

As the Conference finals approach in the 2017 NBA playoffs, two familiar teams are looking to represent the NBA in the Finals for the third straight year. Both the Cleveland Cavaliers and the Golden State Warriors have gone 8-0 in the playoffs so far as it seems no one can slow them down. Outrage has spread across the nation as fans and athletes are getting tired of seeing these two teams dominate the league. This is puzzling, as fans should be excited for these two powerhouses to meet in the Finals this season.

These teams first met in the NBA finals in 2015. What is interesting about that year was both teams had long championship droughts. The Golden State Warriors hadn’t been to a Finals series since 1975, and the city of Cleveland hadn’t won a sports championship in over 60 years. The matchup featured rising star Steph Curry who had brought excitement to the 3 point line, as he broke almost every single season record from beyond the arc, and the King, Lebron James, who returned home to bring a championship to Cleveland.

The Warriors won in 2015 snapping a nearly 50-year drought of winning the championship, and the Cavaliers won in 2016 bringing the city of Cleveland a much-desired Championship.

Heading into the 2016-2017 season, both teams were looking to begin a multi-year dynasty. The Warriors signed Former NBA MVP Kevin Durant, as they officially became the NBA’s super team. The Cavaliers tried to build support around James but understood the fact that they can rely on Lebron to carry them to the finals once again.

After a long regular season, both teams dominated the playoffs, becoming the first pair of teams to start 8-0 in the finals in history. With this dominance, fans are upset at the lack of competition competing with each team. If both the Cavaliers and Warriors make the NBA finals this year, it will be the first time in major sports history a championship game will feature the same teams for three straight years.

So that raises this question: Does this hurt the NBA?

The answer? No, no it does not.

This is a sports fan’s dream: two teams at the top of their game, battling it out for the championship game. Whether it’s in the regular season or playoffs, it is must see basketball. The combination of Durant, Curry, and Green’s 3 point shooting ability against arguably the greatest basketball player in history in Lebron James. Some of the greatest moments in NBA history have come when these two teams play. The last two NBA finals have also been the most watched in the history of the NBA. The rivalry between these two teams is now coming close to the great Celtics and Lakers rivalry of the 70s and 80s.

Even legendary NBA player Kobe Bryant doesn’t see why people are complaining about the league in its current state

So stop the complaining. Once the Finals begin and Lebron James goes straight up against the Golden State Warriors super team, you will be watching every minute of every game because that is must see basketball being played at the highest ability ever seen in history.