2016-2017 Literary Magazine Completed


Literary Magazine Cover designed by AHS student Saige Steiner

Brooke Birkland and Amanda Stahl

Throughout the school year at Arrowhead High School, students submitted their personal writing consisting of poetry, personal stories, and articles talking about a specific topic. Every year, Arrowhead students openly share their thoughts and emotions to those around them. The AHS Literary Magazine is a way for many young individuals to express their artistic side and be who they are.

Junior Literary Magazine editors Brooke Birkland, Isabella Wartzenluft, and Amanda Stahl worked throughout the 2016-2017 school year to put together a book that holds pieces that have stood out against other submissions. These students has worked since day one of the school year to put this book together and make it as amazing as possible.

Elizabeth Jorgensen, an English teacher, and advisor for the Arrowhead Literary Magazine, supervised the production, making sure everything fits to perfection. She also helped to promote the Literary Magazine by having her students submit their work to the magazine.

Andrew Freeburg, an English teacher at Arrowhead, says, “I think it [Literary Magazine] looks and smells great and I’m pleasantly surprised by how many kids are writing poetry and producing art. I love it. There are no drawbacks to writing and being published as far as I’m concerned. It’s a great opportunity to have your voice heard.”

At the end of each semester, editors chose unique pieces that they have enjoyed the most and those students are chosen to receive an award.  These pieces have ranged from essays, to poems, to drawings and photography. All of which have been featured in the Literary Magazine. Arrowhead junior Stone LaPorte was given the award for Editor’s choice. This decision seemed to be agreeable among students.

Jack Wiebusch, an Arrowhead junior, says, “Four Secrets from the Sun by Stone Laporte is my favorite poem in the literary magazine. It’s really original. In the conquest of celestial consistency the inner fibers of my delicate mind scroll through my vast expanse of knowledge to find that a piece is missing. I found that piece in the profound literature in which stone laporte gifted to all of us here. ”

Once put together the Literary Magazine was printed and copies were distributed throughout the Arrowhead campus. Copies of the Literary Magazine can be found in the library at both north and south campus. Students can stop at the office and either campus and get their very own copy of the Literary Magazine as well.

Literary Magazine gives students a chance to validate their writing skills and be published. Paige Schaber, an Arrowhead junior, says, “I had to submit all my pieces I wrote in my creative writing class to the lit mag. I never thought I was very good at writing so when I was told my work was being published I started to feel more confident on my skills.”

Freeburg says, “I’m glad to see that even though anyone can extrude junk onto the Internet, the printed page still holds value. I appreciate the efforts of the students who work on and organize the Literary Magazine, too.”